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A drunk who cannot pay his tab trades his 'winning' ticket to the waiter, Namdev (Pran), instead. See full summary » David is an old prisoner, released after twenty-four years in a penitentiary for a crime he hasn't committed.The three men who framed him and sent him away, are now prominent citizens of his town.

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See full summary » Multi-millionaire Bishan Kumar and orphan Kishan are inseparable friends and live in the same house with Bishan's widowed mother and a maid servant. See full summary » Shaan tells the story of DCP Shiv Kumar an honest, brave and upright police man.Then one day while he is busy obstructing rail traffic, he gets arrested and is bailed out by Mahesh (Anupam Kher) When he returns home he finds that Mary has committed suicide. An upset David goes to confront Chaturvedi, is intercepted by Police Inspector Roop Kumar Sahay (Dalip Tahil) and Dr.Verma (Bharat Kapoor), the evidence is destroyed, and he is sentenced to 24 years in prison for Mary's murder.The son is rescued but lives forever scarred by his father's willingness to sacrifice his own son...See full summary » A wealthy, but evil man named Zafar Khan, has fallen in love a girl named Salma and wants to marry her, but she and her father do not let him. See full summary » Left in the care of an alcoholic Gangu Ganpat (Shreeram Lagoo), young Heera, who named himself after a stray dog, wrestles with life in his young age. See full summary » In lieu of love and affections from his multi-millionaire father, Amarnath Kapoor; Vicky is instead serve brandy.He live in the country with his wife, a daughter and two brothers Ravi and Vijay who are con men to the ...

See full summary » British intelligence comes over to India and loot all its wealth and carry it over to there country.David walks out of the prison straight into a confessional booth at his church.He tells the priest that he is about to kill three prominent men, for which he seeks God's pardon in advance.Aakhree Raasta is still considered as Bachchan's finest works to date.A scrupulously honest cop refuses kidnappers' demands at grave risk to the life of his son.He literally worships the Member of Parliament Chaturvedi (Sadashiv Amrapurkar), and is even willing to die for him.