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This confirms our hope and belief that future generations will inherit a healthy and diverse planet—along with a hearty hunger for adventure.See the world, love the world, off the beaten path.

When we opened our doors over thirty years ago, "responsible travel" was a new idea in the travel industry.

Read More In 1990, Off the Beaten Path made its next big move, expanding into new territories with similar qualities as the Rockies – interesting, strikingly beautiful, steeped in culture, and an adventurer’s wonderland. In 1992, Off the Beaten Path offered a line-up of adventures, each small, with local, experienced guides at the helm, and a distinct focus – wildlife, hiking, national parks, and culture.

The Desert Southwest, Canadian Rockies, Pacific Northwest, California, and Alaska came into the fold and OBP increased the opportunities for localized experiences across the western half of North America. Today, we offer 30 trips, taking travelers to places as far-ranging as Peru, Alaska, Samoa, Yellowstone, Acadia, Hawaii, the Grand Canyon, and beyond!

In a tiny advertisement in the New Yorker, Bill and Pam claimed to be the friends you wished you had in the Rockies – and that is exactly what they became.

Then, their new friends told their friends, who told their friends, and in authentic style, Off the Beaten Path was on its way! Take what we know is the best-in-the-West, and offer it up to small group of travelers led by local guides.

At the same time, now more than ever, it’s vitally important to consider just how we go about all that adventuring.

That’s why everything we do at Off the Beaten Path is guided by our commitment to environmentally and socially responsible travel.

Our partnership is based on deep friendship and mutual respect.

As such, we can recommend, without hesitation, any of our Adventure Collection partner companies if you’re looking for an adventure or destination that we don’t currently offer.

Just as it did with the Northern Rockies, scouting trips, relationship development, and insider tip collection followed. Read More A region of South America, very dear to Bill and Pam Bryan’s hearts. With everything about Patagonia right in line with our values, in 1999, we hopped, skipped, and jumped – and landed in southern Chile and Argentina.

Today, we offer Custom Journeys, Small Group Adventures, and Fly Fishing Expeditions to Patagonia.

Then, our hallmark 50-150 page Journey Guidebook with each day’s plans, as well as routes, restaurants, markets, trails, hot springs, back roads, must-stops, and must-sees.