Accommodating children with glaucoma

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Accommodating children with glaucoma - pietro rotari online dating

The laser energy causes a reduction in fluid production and a lowering of IOP.

In the United States, it is estimated that 2.2 million suffer from glaucoma.

In young children, an exam under anesthesia in a hospital setting may be done. Follow-up is just as crucial as the initial diagnostic exam to monitor changes in vision and other eye functions.

Treatment may include medications or potentially surgery depending on the cause of the glaucoma, but with treatment children can go on to live happy, full lives with good vision. Bell, he is editor and contributor to Complications of Glaucoma Surgery, which discusses both common and rare complications of glaucoma surgery and how to recognize, prevent, and manage them.

Excessive tearing and sensitivity to light (manifested by hiding from bright light or squeezing of the eyelids) is also common.

Juvenile glaucoma can be diagnosed at any time during childhood.

The eye is constantly producing aqueous (fluid) that in a normal person’s eye is drained out via a structure called the trabecular meshwork.

In people with glaucoma, this drain doesn’t work, resulting in high intraocular pressure and vision loss.

Generally, glaucoma is thought of as an “old person’s” disease.

Although rare, glaucoma can affect the pediatric population, often with different signs and symptoms than present in an adult population.

Through a fiberoptic line that is part of the probe, the surgeon can visualize the inside of the eye on a video camera.

The laser light is applied to the ciliary body, the structure inside the eye that makes aqueous fluid.

The drops work by either reducing fluid production inside the eye, or by increasing fluid outflow (drainage).

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