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Taking advantage of unusually good view points from high up on a historic World War II maritime crane along the Richmond shoreline, two high-definition cameras will live stream the adult ospreys courting, laying and hatching eggs.The first does a relatively quick lookup to see if there are any eligible promotions for this ASIN or for this customer.If there are, we'll make the subsequent call to see what promotions will be applied if the customer makes a purchase.Bird experts also suspect eagles, another species on the rise, are driving osprey out of lake nests and forcing them to look toward the Bay.The Bay shoreline had only one known osprey nest the early 1990s.Over the past 10 to 15 years, web cams of raptors such as eagles and falcons or other wild creatures have revolutionized how people watch wildlife. Until the web cams became available, scientists trying to learn of raptor habits had to do it the hard way perched with binoculars in hard-to-reach spots.

A webcam of a peregrine falcon nest on a ledge at San Jose City Hall attracted half a million views in its first week in 2007. A webcam of a bald eagles nest in the National Arboretum in Washington D. “We would spend long hours in the middle of nowhere.Most of the nests are along the East Bay and Vallejo shoreline, where cranes, poles and other industrial equipment offer nesting platforms. Fishing skills: Ospreys catch fish on one of every four dives, making a catch about once every 12 minutes of fishing.“It’s about a doubling in four years,” said Brake, a Richmond resident. I think the cams are going to make people more aware of them.” Osprey: A large raptor that is the only North American hawk that feeds almost exclusively on fish. Frequent flier: An osprey may log 160,000 air miles in migrations over its lifetime of 15 to 20 years. Stick nests can be 10- to 13-feet deep and three- to six-feet in diameter — easily big enough for a human to sit in.This will perform an ajax call to redeem a promotion or gift card and display an informative message upon return.*/ A.declarative('redeem Promo Code', 'click', function(event) ); /* UTILITY FUNCTIONS show Promos In Popover Render a list if promotions that will be applied to this purchase in the popover below the input box for redeeming a claim code.They are very chatty and social around the nest with calls and coos.