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Fortunately, in August 2016, after two years of long distance, Matt accepted a job opportunity with a law firm in Jacksonville.

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He asked her for the camera she was holding, which she refused because she wanted to take pictures after climbing up on the wall.

The night ultimately led them both to Fado's Irish Pub where Geneva was immediately taken by Matt's charm.

:) They both could tell that there was something special about the other.

Geneva had plans to be out of town but (as fate would have it) her flight was cancelled due to inclement weather anywhere north of Florida.

She decided to make the most of it and headed out to dinner with friends.

Once there, Matt climbed upon the breaker wall and asked Geneva to join him.

Geneva turned down the request, stating she had on a dress and couldn't possibly get up on the wall.

He finally got the camera out of her hand and got down on one knee.

This was quite the (pleasant) surprise for Geneva, who had no idea that a proposal was on its way.

The next morning, the couple decided to venture out into the city shortly after breakfast.

They walked by the Hotel Nacional down towards the Malecon.

Matt and Geneva met on an evening out in Miami (January 3, 2014 to be precise).