Amplifiers dating vox amps

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Despite the good times for guitar sellers, Burns London was in desperate need of a rescue.

It has a distinctly "Lo-fidelity" vintage or antique sound and recording.

In the late ’50s he was part of Burns-Weill, making some of the earliest production guitars in England.

In ’60 he founded his own company, Ormston Burns Ltd., which began selling guitars branded “Burns London.” Among his most endearing guitar designs were the pointy, horned Bison and a guitar made for Hank Marvin, England’s answer to the Ventures.

This is a simplified explanation here, but you can convert just about anything that has a speaker...radios, Tape players, reel to reel, cassette decks, portable record players and any device with a speaker.

Tape players are the easiest to convert, it is a simple 2 wire cut, nothing more..follow the wires to the head that reads the tape, cut into it and splice in a guitar jack..the "to and from" (over ride) and that’s it.

) bought Guild, Gulf and Western (oil) bought Merson/Unicord (Univox), King Korn Stamp Company (trading stamps) bought Westheimer Sales (Teisco, Kingston). At least Baldwin made musical instruments, although, as it would turn out, that didn’t make much difference in the final outcome.

Even new guitar importing companies were fueled by money from elsewhere: Strum & Drum (Norma) came from nuts and bolts; W. James Ormston Burns was born in England in 1925 and following World War II became involved in making guitars.

The resulting gold rush yielded a number of strange bedfellows, with many guitar companies owned by conglomerates that may or may not have a clue about making and marketing guitars.

Most came down on the latter side: CBS (TV) bought Fender, Seeburg (jukeboxes) bought Kay, Norlin (beer, etc.) bought Gibson, Avnet (hotels? It was amid this corporate feeding frenzy that Baldwin guitars were born, the result of a collision between the quest for guitars and the fortunes of Burns guitars of London.

You will also need to cut the belt or remove the motor to keep the tape player wheels from spinning as you play guitar.

Radios, you simply tap into the volume power, first ground the guitar, then touch the positive ( hot ) on the back of the volume potentiometer till you find the correct lead with either a volt meter or a guitar cable spliced and strumming it while in your lap.

The most detailed source for information on Burns guitars is The Burns Book (The Bold Strummer, 1990) by Paul Day.

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