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She was very trusting and always saw the good in someone, saw light where there was darkness, but she wasn't naive.They were just going as friends.'As the 50-year-old is held for another day, his story regarding what happened the day Robyn disappeared is being cast into doubt as another witness said he saw the pair walking along the jetty when they were supposed to be snorkelling.

I was looking for any place to connect with someone to get some head and I happened to see a bunch of cars stopping at the beach after dark.

The snorkeling boat trip I took was a blast (even if the fish were a bit absent), and the straight captain laughed heartily after I told him I wanted a Drunken Sailor, and then asked if that was also a drink.

Shopping is in abundance, both on the strip and a taxi-ride away.

These are the last photographs of missing Maryland woman Robyn Gardner taken hours before she went missing from Aruba, allegedly after going snorkelling with the man who is suspected of killing her after reading a text she sent to her boyfriend telling him she loved him.

Sources said police are considering the theory that the suspect was obsessed with the 2005 death of Natalee Holloway, a teenager from Alabama, and the subsequent failure of police to convict Joran van der Sloot of killing her.'Police believe Giordano drove Robyn to a nearby area called Seroe Colorado, and either strangled, beat her or tortured her to death after he dragged her into one of 50 abandoned shacks that used to house workers from a once-bustling oil refinery,' the source added.

When I asked the bartender for a restaurant recommendation, he suggested Hooters.

(Don’t fret, boys; taxi drivers will know how to get to Jimmy’s.).

You can get ambitious and hit the Ostrich Farm, horseback ride or rent bikes, or just find a local restaurant like Soenchis, one of the nearby haunts that thrives on indigenous cuisine in a bustling, party atmosphere.

Walking along the beach is a must, as the main hotels connect, and you’ll run into various thatched-hut bars and some dandy man-candy.

About the only thing the resort doesn’t have is an adults-only pool…yet. Aruba itself doesn’t have the gay sensibility of nearby Curacao, or even Mexico’s Playa Del Carmen.

It’s like a smaller version of Cancun, with a gorgeous strip of white sand, and an even longer strip of American chain restaurants like Tony Roma’s and the Hard Rock Café.

By the pool, no one seemed to notice the two guys holding hands next to the couple of white chicks praising Matthew Mc Conaughey’s acting chops.