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On the north, west, and south they are surrounded by reefs.

Most visitors confine themselves to these six principal islands without knowing they are going from one to the other (because there are no island signs) or are discouraged from seeing islands which are not among the principal group because there is no scheduled service to them. The bridges linking the principal islands are less than 100 years old. All islands have a limestone rock, with coral formation caps.

The door to your personal data got left wide open once again.

Researchers revealed Tuesday that earlier this year they discovered a massive database -- containing information on more than 123 million American households -- that was sitting unsecured on the internet.

Bermuda is a nominal British territory - nominal because despite being British it is self-governing internally, makes all its own laws and does not use any from the United Kingdom.

It treats everyone - including the British - not born in Bermuda with a Bermudian parent, or without Bermudian status obtained prior to 1995 or by marriage after 10 years of marriage to the same Bermudian (and living with the spouse), as a foreigner.

"From home addresses and contact information, to mortgage ownership and financial histories, to very specific analysis of purchasing behavior, the exposed data constitutes a remarkably invasive glimpse into the lives of American consumers," Up Guard researchers Chris Vickery and Dan O'Sullivan wrote in their analysis.

in September that cybercriminals had made off with data on more than 145 million Americans, US lawmakers began efforts to hold such businesses accountable to the everyday people whose data they collect for profit.Alteryx apparently purchased the data from Experian's Consumer View marketing database, a product sold to other companies that contains a combination of publicly available information and more personal data.Neither Alteryx nor Experian responded to a request for comment.Below the level of limestone and 450 feet below sea level is volcanic rock; and below that, only black lava and other igneous volcanic rock. Most visitors' maps portray Bermuda, wrongly, as only one island. The largest by far is Great Bermuda or Main Island, neither of which phrase is used locally.Only in one place in Bermuda - 60 feet below sea level at the southern end of Bermuda International Airport -is volcanic rock found so near to sea level. It has 6 principal islands or former islands and 120 others for practical purposes (138 in total, including mere rocks) in its total land area of under 21 square miles (33 square kilometers). It is a mile wide on average, 14 miles long, 259 feet above sea level at its highest point, with hills and fertile depressions.Though no names were exposed, the data set included 248 different data fields covering a wide variety of specific personal information, including address, age, gender, education, occupation and marital status.

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