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Indonesian differs from the Malaysian language in a number of respects, primarily due to the different influences both languages experienced and also due to the fact that majority of Indonesians speaks their native language as their first.Bahasa Indonesia function as lingua franca that unites 200 various languages over the archipelago.

Examples are the early Sanskrit borrowings probably in the Srivijaya period, the borrowings from Arabic and Persian during the time of the establishment of Islam in particular, and the ones from Dutch during the colonial period.

One exception is "bantam", derived from the name of the Indonesian province Banten in Western Java (see Oxford American Dictionary, 2005 edition).

Another is "lahar" which is Javanese for a volcanic mudflow.

Indonesian has also generalized brand names into common (lower-case) nouns as generic name.

For example, "sanyo" refers to any electrical well pump, regardless of manufacturer or "odol" as all of toothpastes.

It read like a resume, which meant it had probably been copy-pasted several times. I said I went to a fantastic class that was reasonable as it was conducted in a hall rented out by an NGO. I joked that he’d be paying for parquet flooring and lemongrass incense. Or you might be put off by his use of abbreviations and mangled spellings thinking that someone who rites like dis probably spiks like dis.

What set off the alarm was his somewhat pompous claim that every year he reads 100 books, runs half a marathon, and does a ten-day vipasana retreat. However you might be surprised when you actually meet the person.Linguistic history and cultural history are clearly linked.But the processes may also be ‘out of period’; for example, Indonesian words are still being concocted from Sanskrit, and the influence of the Dutch language certainly continued after the Dutch themselves left.Yet it is unclear, since Malay and Minang are closely related, and some might consider Minang to have been an ancestral dialect of Malay.Compared to the Malay language spoken as the native regional language in Sumatra and the Malay peninsula or the standardized version of Malaysian, Indonesian differs profoundly by the large amount of Javanese loanwords incorporated into their already rich vocabulary.His friends describe him, he informed me, as “intelligent, creative, thoughtful, generous and spiritual”. My English teacher, whose command over the language is impeccable, absurdly eschews vowels in her text messages.

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