Bay cafe speed dating

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Bay cafe speed dating - onde comprar iorane online dating

Brighten worked hard to keep the genders evenly balanced, capping female sign ups until more men bought tickets.

After some preliminary schmoozing, the women were asked to sit on bench seats and men sat opposite.

What, pray tell, does one wear to a speed dating event for vegetarians, vegans, and the veg-curious searching for their perfect match? vegetarian (as long as you don’t count the occasional lapse in her mostly plant-based diet of some 30 years), it made sense to go undercover.

This reporter flirted with donning her son’s “Meat is Murder” T-shirt, which felt a tad obvious and then promptly opted for her typical uniform (jeans, shirt, boots, all slogans) and headed to the vegetarian Saturn Café, the site of the meatless speed dating meetup. Can you imagine how awkward it would be for speed daters to have a reporter with notebook in tow chronicling, for public consumption, their attempts at meeting a soulmate over vegetable taquitos?

Her speech was brief, upbeat and encouraged folks to keep things light. Talking to 20 men, three minutes apart in rapid succession can make your head spin, throat parched, and keep even a professional listener on her toes.

When meeting a fella who announces he works for the Oakland As, it’s probably not a dating-savvy move to blurt out, “Seriously?

But, no worries, if these topics were even broached they were dispensed with quickly.

The event featured a self-described dating expert, Anna Hennings, 25, who has co-authored articles on the subject and counts among her credentials being raised by sex educators/therapists.

Is it possible for a committed vegan to fall for an unabashed omnivore and do such mismatches last?

Can a rabbit-food loving lass hook up for life with an offal-loving lad?

Speed dating is not confined to people who identify with a certain way of eating.

The Jewish community has long offered such match-making mixers for singles and the San Francisco Public Library recently ran its first literary speed dating events for 20- and 30-somethings, one for straights and one for gays, as reported in the .

The organizers plan to tweak the format for future events.

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