Benefits of consolidating suppliers

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Benefits of consolidating suppliers

If not scheduled, a separate application has to be filed to fix Brand Rate.

MEIS scheme extends benefits to more than 5000 export items and the duty credit scrips helps exporters in payment of Customs Duties for import of inputs or goods, payment of excise duties on domestic procurement of inputs or goods, payment of service tax on procurement of services, payment of Customs Duty and fee etc.

I have mentioned a short note on Advance Authorization Scheme in this web blog separately, you can click here to read.

Advance Authorization for annual requirement is also issued for items having standard input output norms those exporters having past export performance, minimum preceding two financial years.

Market Development Assistance (MDA), Market Assistance Initiative (MAI), Financial support to attend Trade Fairs, various information supports etc. As per foreign trade policy of India, inputs are allowed to import without duty payment for export purpose.

The licensing authority fixes value addition on export products not below 15%.

Also read Can DEPB/DEEC bill can be converted to Drawback Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG) scheme helps exporters to import capital goods with zero import duty for the purpose of production of export products with a commitment of export obligation period with licensing authority.

Certain rate of relaxation is allowed to sell in local market after fulfilling export obligation.

I have written detailed articles about MEIS scheme in this web blog and you may read in detail here.

The foreign Trade Policy of India 2015-20 introduced SEIS (Service Exports from India Scheme) for service exporters by modifying SFIS scheme of previous years by benefiting all service providers of India including foreign brand of Indian Companies.

Implications of our results for practice and research are discussed.

The actual beneficiaries may reconfirm with the concerned authorities whether such export benefits are valid.

You may go through this link to know in detail about Deemed Exports.