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Of course, Rudder admits there are more pieces to the puzzle.

Sites like Match benefit from users who aren’t active on the site but still have a profile (think about it, you might be one of them).But it’s likely you know your own hottest look, so use it.Ok Trends, a complementary blog to Ok Cupid that explores the data of online dating, presents powerful evidence to back up Rudder’s “hot” rule: a woman deemed hot by one study received four times as many messages as an average one—and 25 times as many as an ugly one.Webb’s takeaway was that you need to “look as good as you can, be relatable to the widest possible audience, and then throw in a memorable point or two that distinguishes you from the rest of the crowd.” Read between the lines: be aggressive. Beware the Business Scams Remember, there’s a reason online dating sites exist, and it’s not to find you true love and perfect happiness.These are businesses designed to make money, and dating sites lose when you take yourself out of the game; ethics can get muddied when users are also paying subscribers.With an estimated 15 million users in North America by 2011 alone, niche dating sites have proved triumphantly effective. Fake It Till You Make It Online dating takes guts, so the more you have (or can feign), the better you’ll do.

Not simply because they create “culturally relevant communities,” Slater writes. In Slater’s book, he sits down with the man many refer to as the Ray Kroc of dating, Ross Williams. The goal, then, is to rise above the insecurity and present the best version of yourself. “Some are better actors than others,” Williams admits.

In online-dating speak, these inactive users are known as “date bait.” Their presence on the site inflates the number of messages sent.

It’s a fine line, one that users should continue to question: “What’s fair in love and business? Get Your Hand Out of the Cookie Jar It’s one of the biggest pitfalls Slater warns of in the e-dating field: choice overload.

You want to spend every waking and sleeping moment with her.

As the relationship takes its natural course and dopamine levels come back down to earth, she says something that makes her look different to you.

You’re dating five people and sleeping with three of them, until a sixth enters the mix who happens to tickle your fancy more than the others.

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