Big brother shelli and clay dating sites

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Big brother shelli and clay dating sites - list of whos dating who

He voted to keep Jackie rather than Jace, to blend in with the rest of the house.After the House Guests discovered the Twin Twist, Austin allied with Vanessa, Clay, Shelli, and Liz/Julia.

However, after the nomination ceremony, Jason spoke with Shelli and told her that he had not planned to target her.

Austin Peter Matelson (born March 10, 1985), 32, is a professional wrestler from Woodland Hills, California formerly of NXT.

He is also a post-rehab fitness specialist and holds a master's degree in medieval literature.

Audrey quickly began making deals and spreading lies, but the other houseguests caught on to her intense gameplay and called her out, coming to a consensus that she should be the next player voted out.

Week two Ho H winners Shelli and Becky discussed a plan to backdoor Audrey and did not nominate her for eviction during the initial nominations.

After nearly a month since the Big Brother 17 season ended we’ve seen many of the former Houseguests get back together for some less stressful time of hanging out.

While there might not be fifty cameras and a hundred microphones on them at every moment, there were still plenty of selfies and pics to capture the fun.

However, after Becky became dethroned as Ho H during the Bo B competition, Shelli revealed that her real target was Da'Vonne, not Audrey.

During week four, Audrey approached co-Ho H Shelli and told her that Jason was targeting her.

When Shelli asked Audrey about Jason's claims, Audrey backtracked, admitting that Jason had never told her anything about Shelli directly. After countless attempts to play the game hard, Audrey was caught red-handed by the entire house.

Vanessa used the power of Veto to remove Jason from the block, and though Audrey chose not to participate in the veto ceremony, Shelli nominated her anyway.

Austin then convinced Vanessa to nominate and target Jeff.

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