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    Achaemenid luxury toreutic from the region would appear to be largely a product of local workshops rather than imported from the Persian heartlands, as witnessed by the Lydian and Phrygian inscriptions on the vessels (Melikian-Chirvani; Özgen and Öztürk, cat. 42, 60, 71); and the decorative syntax is occasionally ungrammatical in the visual language of the Persian imperial centers (Özgen and Öztürk, cat. Although ceramic Achaemenid bowls are reported (Bakır, 1997, p. 552), and the role of the lion-hunt in Macedonian court life and royal iconography has been associated with a Persian model (Briant; Palagia). Receptivity can be recognized in both the form and the surface treatment. some shapes show a relationship with Achaemenid toreutic (Miller, 1993; idem, 1997, pp. Preliminary surveys show traces also in other ceramic repertoires of Greece. P16828), probably through the intermediary of the shape in silver in 4th- and 3rd-century Macedon, though the type started be-fore Alexander’s conquest (Rotroff, pp. Production of the “von Mercklin” class rhyta in more than one center in Greece in the 4th and 3rd centuries probably reflects a metalware intermediary (Ebbinghaus and Jones). Images from Persian imperial art caused Athenian vase-painters to re-envision episodes from Greek myth or even to re-cast Greek myth into a foreign ambience. In about the mid-5th century, a number of kings from Greek mythology adopted the trappings of Persian monarchy, following the model of Achaemenid throne scenes. The discovery of a small-scale depiction of the Great King enthroned on sealings at Daskyleion testifies to the manner in which such images may have come to the attention of the Attic vase-painter (AMI 22, 1989, p. 1." href="/img/v11f3/Greece_ii_plate01.jpg"PLATE I), and a reasonably accurate representation of a Persian dignitary in audience on an Attic vase otherwise establishes knowledge of such subjects in Athens (Istanbul Inv. The military impetus to naval empire in the 5th century yielded the concomitant result of increased trade within and without the Greek world, and both through a variety of mechanisms increased the material wealth of classical Athens.

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    Georgia has no choice but to confront Amber T and Yaz, whilst Megan seeks help from her Mum when she fears that there’s no way back for her and Pete.