C backgroundworker progress bar not updating

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C backgroundworker progress bar not updating

The client provides the priority to the proxy constructor.

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The download already includes the Easy Hook binaries, but if you want to download them yourself you can find them at Code Plex here.Previously I had a C helper DLL to get the VTable addresses. The capture method used in Direct3D 10 and 11 is also more thread-safe allowing us to extract data from the resulting texture on a background thread. We are also able to copy only the region of the backbuffer that we are actually interested in – making the capture of smaller regions quicker as less data needs to be copied to system memory. Font("Times New Roman", 16.0f))) #endregion #endregion Unfortunately Direct3D 11 does not provide any support for Direct2D / Fonts for our overlay, so you would need to create a D3D 10 device with a shared texture, and blend this into the D3D 11 backbuffer (see This has been replaced with the following C# implementation: Direct3D 10 and Direct3D 11 have a completely different rendering pipeline compared to Direct3D 9, making use of the Direct X Graphics Infrastructure (DXGI). This also will make capturing a sequence of frames for use in video production much easier. Resolve Subresource), that makes it easy to resolve a multi-sampled texture down into a single sample for copying into a Bitmap. To allow callbacks, you need to configure the service for reentrancy – that is, release the lock before the callback, as show in the demo.The solution demonstrates IDesign Callback Thread Affinity Behavior - a custom endpoint behavior attribute that makes all callback instances (regardless of the worker threads used for the callbacks) execute on the same thread. NET 2.0 synchronization context that always marshals the calls to the same thread.This is instrumental is advanced cases such as thread local storage and COM interop as well as advanced synchronization needs.

By default, WCF calls execute in the order received by the service.WCF offers a the client a facility for dispatching calls to the service asynchronously.This is strictly a client-side feature, and the service itself is completely unaware that it is being called asynchronously.Subscribe to the IDesign Downloads feed You can rework the Svc Util or VS generated proxy so that the same proxy will offer both synchronous and asynchronous calls.To download demonstrates the required code changes, as well as where to place the fault contracts.The reason is that by default the service uses single-threaded access – only one client is allowed to call it at a time.

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