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I think I started using "Miracle Whip" because it's lower in calories than mayo. In high school my best friend and I would have cheddar and Miracle Whip on white bread at her house after school. But on a real, serious sammich, mayo and lots of it. I got the idea from this very board that Duke's was the brand to buy for mayo. I don't know what Miracle Whip is and how it differs form mayonaise.IMO Miracle Whip is a children's condiment, like ketchup.

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Quarter cup of olive oil, one and three quarter cups vegetable oil, two egg yolks, one whole egg, a tablespoon of yellow mustard, five tablespoons of lemon juice, pinch of salt, grind of pepper.The cost of it is a fraction of what commercial mayo costs as well. When I walk down the aisle in the supermarket, I'm sure I see all the other foods are trying to distance themselves for the jars of MW, lest they be contaminated by its vileness.MW needs its own aisle, as nothing in its general vicinity will ever be purchased.I've only had Miracle Whip a few times, but I remember that I didn't much care for it.It seemed like the sort of product that would appeal to people who also like sweet pickles (I don't).(I do hate the 'fat free' version of either.) Mayo, the light version of Hellmann's, usually mixed with mustard, regular yellow or spicy (when talking normal lunch meat type sandwiches).

The totally fat free version of mayo is kinda funky. Full fat is delicious in a bad way, only eat it at restaurants when there is not a choice.I like them both pretty much equally, though if you get reduced fat or low calorie versions, I found the low calorie/low fat version of Miracle Whip is better than the low fat/low calorie versions of mayo I'll buy whatever is cheapest, and if it's in a restaurant or whatever, I'm fine with whatever they have.But there's no point if it's not the full-fat stuff.Usually I make light of the board tradition of the "You fool, you forgot ___" option that is often added to polls, seemingly out of tradition (and is rarely used), but in this case, that's my vote. Very few times will I use mayo (one exception being making tuna sandwiches, or cucumber sandwiches), and there I don't care what kind (usually just buy what's cheapest), but Kraft Sandwich Spread is the nectar of the gods IMHO.(I have to do a grocery store run alter today just to buy some more because we're out.Low-fat spread just doesn't add anything, and any fat-based product with a fat-free version is invariably going to be unspeakably vile (this also goes for margarine).

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