Cheap ideas for updating kitchen cabinets

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Cheap ideas for updating kitchen cabinets

Look at my busy worker bees 🙂 This was about as far as we got with my family, but we had made HUGE progress and I was ecstatic!Before painting the doors, I pre-drilled holes for the hardware.

Switching out an overhead light fixture is much easier than it sounds. I bought a vintage light fixture for on Etsy, but before that I was eyeing a few options at IKEA. That might be all you need to feel like you've seen the light, literally.But I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the dated 50’s cabinetry.Painting is the obvious answer for dated cabinets, but I was worried that the plain, flat-front doors might still look cheap & bland, even with a fresh coat of paint.All it would take was a quick sanding down with an orbital sander to remove the numbers, right?(Spoiler: nnnnnoootttt.) My sisters & I were outside tackling the cabinet doors.When was the last time you changed those shelf liners? Putting down a fresh nonstick liner will give you an opportunity to take everything out of your cabinets (and put them back in an organized way), and clean the cabinet or drawer so you start out fresh. I used to have ugly, gray laminate floors in my kitchen, and it made a huge difference when I first put down a red 4x6-inch cotton rug a couple years ago.

There are simply so many uses for a non-slip liner. My favorite nonstick liner is this non-adhesive version from Duck (.49 from Amazon). I've since upgraded to FLOR tiles, which were easy to install.

I didn’t bother with mitered corners because I knew you wouldn’t be able to tell after they were sanded, primed, and painted.

We cleaned them up and caulked around the outside edges of the trim for a seamless transition. We used Kilz primer, which is so rough that it needed to be sanded lightly afterwards, but it seemed to provide a really strong base coat.

"The stainless steel plates are easier to clean, and they often lie flatter to the wall than the old plastic ones." If you want to go fancy, you can find decorative switch plates from places like Anthropologie, or you could DIY a decorative switchplate with pretty washi tape.

The room was already looking worlds better, thanks to projects like the fresh white paint, wood floors, painting a bright red door, and raising the old header over the sink and adding a new pendant light & rugs.

Sliding shelves and organizer inserts go a long way towards making you feel a little more in control of your kitchen.

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