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Whatever “mystery” exists has more to do with loss of information due to the destruction of the balls and their archaeological contexts than lost continents, ancient astronauts, or transoceanic voyages.Hundreds of stone balls have been documented in Costa Rica, ranging in size from a few centimeters to over two meters in diameter.

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Balls are known from as far north as the Estrella Valley and as far south as the mouth of the Coto Colorado River.

These people lived off of fishing and hunting, as well as agriculture.

They cultivated maize, manioc, beans, squash, pejibaye palm, papaya, pineapple, avocado, chilli peppers, cacao, and many other fruits, root crops, and medicinal plants.

Rather, they are monolithic sculptures made by human hands.

The balls have been endangered since the moment of their discovery.

These objects are monolithic sculptures made by human hands. Although some of these authors are often represented as having “discovered” these objects, the fact is that they have been known to scientists since they first came to light during agricultural activities by the United Fruit Company in 1940.

Archaeological investigation of the stone balls began shortly thereafter, with the first scholarly publication about them appearing in 1943.Many have been destroyed, dynamited by treasure hunters or cracked and broken by agricultural activities.At the time of a major study undertaken in the 1950s, fifty balls were recorded as being in situ.They are hardly a new discovery, nor are they especially mysterious.In fact, archaeological excavations undertaken at sites with stone balls in the 1950s found them to be associated with pottery and other materials typical of the Pre-Columbian cultures of southern Costa Rica.It has been estimated that the largest ones weigh over 16 tons (ca. Almost all of the balls are made of granodiorite, a hard, igneous stone that outcrops in the foothills of the nearby Talamanca range.

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