Crystal castles courtship dating ayo technology

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Finally, the song title was reverted to "Ayo Technology." The song features Justin Timberlake and Timbaland, but most sources don't credit Timbaland for being on the song.

The intro and lead synth were created using an emulated version of the MOS SID Synthesizer microchip used in the Commodore 64 8-bit Home Computer, on the Open Labs Neko Digital Audio Workstation that Timbaland was famous for using around this period..In 2007, 50 Cent was unequivocally, in a commercial sense, the greatest rapper to ever rap, and the most popular rapper in all time in the history of music.In just under five years, he sold nearly 30 million albums and had almost 20 global top ten singles.Rather, in hearing hip-hop at its opulent best and rap at its progressive edge, I’m stuck at exactly where rap is at this precise moment.2017’s biggest mainstream rap song to date is Migos’ “Bad and Boujee,” which feels like the miscreant son-gone-wrong of “I Get Money.” As well, Future’s “Mask Off?As well, he’d starred in a film and video game adaptation of his life story, written his memoirs, released Reebok sneakers, and became an investor and pitchman for the Glaceau enhanced water company, even having a Formula 50 drink named in his honor.

When Coca-Cola purchased Glacéau for .1 billion in 2007, minority shareholder 50 Cent earned 0 million from the deal after taxes.Rob Sheffield from Rolling Stone gave the song a mixed review: "The I-need-love pop tunes are not getting any better, even with Timbaland and Justin Timberlake in the stripper ditty 'Ayo Technology.'" Pitchfork also gave a mixed review: "The album's only concession to modern pop trends— the Timbaland-produced, Timberlake-hooked "Ayo Technology"—flies off the rails as 50, ripped from his comfort zone, falls behind the gurgling, video-game-blipping beat.Though he tries to force the track into more familiar territory with a cyborg-stripper theme, Justin nabs the spotlight without even trying." David Jeffries from All Music highlighted and wrote: "At ease is the Timbaland production "Ayo Technology" featuring Justin Timberlake, an obvious single that's "been there, done that" for all parties involved.Earlier in 2009, Katerine Avgoustakis also made a cover of the song which became her first international single and underwent great success.It was number one for one week in Poland on the country's Official Airplay Chart, ranked by Nielsen Sound Scan.” In being a swirling flute-rap jam that is an ode to the notion of chasing money over women while in the midst of using painkillers and recreational party drugs doesn’t sound too far gone from 50, Timbaland and JT’s techno sex anthem.50 Cent’s back-to-back lead-in heaters prior to the release to his 2007 album represent the last time I ever truly adored rap songs.

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