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He is a wonderful actor, and interesting and entertaining person. The audience is looking forward to see him more on TV. Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye have a sweet smiles that make me love GYEH more.

To: Solimar and other Gong Yoo's fans, you girls may support him by liking his agent's official FB page : facebook dot com / soopent . It makes me happy just when look his works and hear he sing. It's a shame that he do not have much contact with Latino fans, here in Puerto Rico has many followers, I include myself among them.

Been a fan since Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy till now... You also don't need to venture into daring, bordering on nudity love scenes to prove you can act. Gong Yoo easily passed as a 20-year old student although he was 26 then. His reactions to his interviews reflect to the kind of person he is. I'm a little cynical about people in the entertainment industry because I feel like I'm being manipulated when they turn on the charm faucet, but I like the way he talks in interviews. Gong Yoo, but I would like to say that you do what your heart desires. He is so adorable in popular drama 'coffee prince' , makes him halluyu star. before this i did not watching any korean [email protected] n nowdays it make me addict to watch it. ..i'm falling in love to BIG korean 1st korean drama..watching gong yoo in that drama it makes me so heaven!! Gong Yoo I am big fan of you, and very nice to send the comment. I see both of you was acting too much, but not pseudade to the customers for any words.

There's simply no need for anymore overly sweet cheesy roles. I pray for successful career, Good health and Good luck. It's nice ending and inspiring story as a whole, make this drama one of the best among Korean productions. congratulations for the success of your movie "Train to Busan" many filipinos really appreciated this movie including me and it is even one of the twitter trending topic here in Philippines! I really feel that his mannerisms have won me over. Hope Gong Yoo can read it, and does not upset about my suggestions.

and with YEH I hope to see you do more action movies/drama esp now that you're older, wiser and more experience in acting. ( oh and if you do get married pls tell us lol) I have just watched your old drama Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy and now understand why viewers love you and this particular drama. Me and my friends saw ur "1st shop of Coffee Prince" ... I don't know if this is calculated by his agency, but I'm assuming he has something to do with being picky with his movies. I am not comment anymore, but I am straight talking, so I can not be quiet for my upset. A few months ago I became loves YEH after seing this CP ep. until few days ago i finally finished watch this CP.. I am a big fan of GY, so I want to suggest something.

The drama that I have watched and actually made me love his character is the new high rate drama "Goblin" well my opinion towards the drama is that it's funny, interesting, inspiring and romantic ( all kdrama fans are interested in romantic) well I will say no more but to wish Gong Yoo a wonderful future and hope that someday he would get married soon!!! I have always wanted to send u a msg ..i am an Indian(Kerala) girl.. I love you but i really hate to watch sad and dark movie. I feel like he's moving into deeper, darker waters. I am also hoping he will make another TV drama with Yoon Eun Hye coz they are so adorable together.... I just watched Gong Yoo and Suzy Bae comercial Domino Pizza on 2013.

Their undeniable legit natural talents makes it worth it. Glad to hear you're taking a much needed break, bro. I'm older than you & wanna give you my two cents, the right woman will come when it's time. I'd hate to see you having gone this far maturely & just settle for just anyone 'coz of the pressure from others who btw aren't the ones who'd be living your life, you are. I'd like to see you in more suspense, thriller movies. gosh..know i am one of your fun here in the philippines and im hoping for the part two of your movie....i already finish the movie "goblin"...i like it ...i also want to be viewed here in philippines at asecond time... Did she do it when she wrote Descendants of the Sun? I love your eyes, your expression, your persona, your smile and your gesture when you act.

Anyway, anything with Gong Yoo, Park Shin Hye & Kim Yoo Jung I'd watch no matter how dumb or stupid the drama is. I don't wanna sound preaching but take it from me, bro, from experience, happiness comes from within, you don't need someone esp just anyone to give that to you. All the best for ur future projects..sending love from India Still not ready Goblin will end in the next 3 episode. Keep up your good work, please do another drama in 2017. I wonder if she wrote her story imagining you as his role actor. So sorry that you dont make personal social account. Oppa Gong Ji Chul aka Gong Yoo, whom I loved since Coffee Prince era, is the epitome of (effing) hot!!! I want to see you play a drama with Yoon Eun-Hye again! I am so impressed by your attitude n the way u address the public..u... hope you comeback soon, and maybe will pair with kim go eun again in romantic drama or movie? I seen your acting in coffee prince , train to busan and goblin drama also, you have a really good acting . im a simple woman like the way you act infront of camera.i hope your kind and handsome in reallife. Your such a versatile actor can switch to another performance, so amasing i think your a humble and down to earth person, stay there!! Such a great and impressive actor, cant wait to see you in your next project!!! I watched ur interviews and found u to be a very humble n polite person. 19 year apart ....realy hoping to see you soon when im travelling to korea...... Good luck and I hope to see more butt-kicking action movies from you. I'm soo glad you came back oppa T_T I really missed you. Please do romantic comedy again before you getting older.. and make sure be happy ending As much as I loved GY in Coffee Prince, I'm kind of glad he's moved on. You, my friend, do well in action, mystery/suspense thrillers. but I enjoy seeing you more on dramas where your character has more depth & substance & doesn't revolve around a woman. And I watched it too, its so amaizing the story, and the cast was good, when I finished the episodes, wooh I will miss the character, I love them both Eu Tak and Kim Shin.. First time watching korean drama, and I think this was a good introduction! ps: Whoever is going to be your wife is definitely one lucky lady! I'm glad you're now restarting...because I think it's a waste to miss such a handsome guy in korea drama! Not your fault though just too much cheesiness the drama didn't need & lack of chemistry w/ the actress. I'm not going to lie I wasn't a fan but fell for him after Train to Busan and falling in love again after Goblin.