Dating a child of alcoholics

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Dating a child of alcoholics - christian dating relationship single site

Although we may not realize it, relationships for a child of an alcoholic or addict can be very difficult for a variety of reasons.

Little did I realize that this was shaping my mind for what I was going to believe a normal relationship looked like. I know he was doing the best that he could while raising me.My dad isn’t an alcoholic, but he enjoyed going to bars and flirting with women.This also skewed my view of what a relationship should look like.She was broken, and I was going to be there for her. We sometimes talked about getting sober together, but it never happened.Years later when I became a father, she passed away from alcoholism at the age of 24 years old, and it hit me really hard.Her and I could hang out any night of the week and get extremely drunk.

The problem was that we had an extremely toxic, off-and-on relationship that resulted in many breakups and bouts of “trying it one more time.”She had a lot of family issues and trauma from her past, so she also relied on me for a lot of emotional support.While not every woman I dated had a substance abuse issue, I was definitely dating women like my mother.Time and time again, I was looking for a woman that was broken so I could try to fix her.She really leaned on me hard for emotional support because it was something she wasn’t used to, but I could definitely empathize coming from my crazy family.She was hurting and broken, and I knew that she needed me.This came from my childhood issue of never being able to “fix” my own mother.