Dating a leo woman

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When you don't hear from him for a while, he's acting out his scheme. He'll formulate an elaborate scenario in his mind as to why things are the way they appear at that particular moment, and accuse you of being a liar when he confronts you about it and you tell him the truth.

One lover will never be enough to satisfy this man who constantly looks over the fence and beyond for greener pastures. Uhh...before you hand over your house key, once he's wormed his way into your life BUT GOOD, he will literally "seize" any sense of asylum you've sought to preserve in your humble dwelling.After all the cha-ching is gone and they've eaten all your food, ****** your house up, taken a nap and molded permanent sweat impressions into the cushions of your couch...they'll split. They have a tendency to be fundamentally unhappy people, but have no problem drowning you in their misery while feeding on your energy until you don't know who the hell you are anymore.You can then plan on spending the remainder of your day (or weekend) disinfecting, washing the funk out of your sheets, scraping toothpaste off the mirrors and wiping up puddles of ****. Psychic leeches who have no qualms about instantly distancing themselves from you during your time of need.WTH, as far as he's concerned the party doesn't start until he arrives anyway. The only thing he'll know about you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is your biorhythm. Expounding on #42, don't try to call him out on his lie because he will surely convince even himself, that what he just told you was the absolute truth.He'll have you clocked within hours, then conveniently skulk away once you start. He doesn't put much effort into your relationship until you decide you've had enough and begin to walk. To further insult your intelligence, he will GASLIGHT you into believing that you are bat **** crazy for even entertaining such a concept and whine about how you have such little "TRUST" in him **creeps off to the bathroom with cell phone** Ask him a direct question and he'll undoubtedly play stupid [Huh...what?He'll pester you until you get off the phone and probably interrogate you about who you were on the phone with and what you were talking about (with reference to him) 35. Their "maybes" mean NO, and "I'll see you in a few minutes" can potentially be worth a good hour or two. As a courtesy (oxymoron), they may ask you where you would like to go but you'll end up where ever they wanted to be initially, and that's not even certain because they kind of fly by the seat of their pants. They have a difficult time following instructions, maintaining focus and staying the course. When they aren't purposefully and poorly lying, they're mindlessly omitting critical pieces of information that make their bizarre stories completely logical.

Even when they're having fun, they appear to be miserable, unless they're having sex. Doesn't matter how long you've been together, (weeks, months, years) he'll make you feel as though you have absolutely no right to ask him where he's been. The only thing he can plan with certainty, is being late. Easily distracted by anything "shiny" and "fascinating" **chasing the light on the wall** Must constantly be entertained, amused and stimulated on every possible level. A few of the ONLY times you can be guaranteed the truth from a Leo man, is when they're drunk (obnoxious ******* drunks), talking in their sleep or sloppily leaving their cell phones unlocked amidst a drunken stupor :) 43.

It's about you, and that's ALL you care about anyway. They are casually sneaky and fail to reveal pertinent information about themselves from the get go.

It will serve you well to do your homework, and know his past as boring as it may seem.

Then, it's balls to the walls with text messages, phone calls and pleas for forgiveness. Cold, heartless bastards who'll ride your coat tails until they're caught with their pants down. ], quickly change the subject or completely ignore you. It's never a good time to talk about anything remotely important because, well to be completely honest, you really aren't that important sweety.

On other occasions, as a last resort, You may expect to receive flowers, gifts and marriage proposals. Then they become shameless ******* with no remorse. "I can't do this right now", "I don't want to talk about it", "This is too much for me". He's hoping this will buy him enough time for you to either forget about it, or for him to come up with something believable. You may receive a sporadic text message or random call whenever it's convenient for him, but GAWD FORBID you don't answer his calls or texts when he's trying to get in contact with you; He'll lose his ******* mind!

sed upon my own experiences, perceptions and observations of Leo men throughout my life..a bit of a humorous Scorpio twist.

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