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A well-executed menu of artisanal cocktails (like the Italian Snow Cone made with Aperol, or Hyland Old-Fashioned crafted with black walnut bitters) balances out all the earthy, woodsy flavors.

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Request a patio table, where you’ll get a view of the resort’s landscaped golf course and the Pacific Ocean.

Vua Bun Bo’s menu isn’t as extensive as some other places, but the marrow bone soup is fragrant and worth the trip alone.

You’ll never get bored at Playground, thanks to a globally inspired menu that’s reinvented daily with new dishes and evolved staples, from Singaporean kaya toast to the signature Uncle Lou’s Fried Chicken: a bold, spicy, tangy dish that’s not for the faint of heart.

The highlight, though, is the Dog's Eye Pie -- a delicious, crusted melange of ground beef and onions.

Since a list of OC’s best restaurants wouldn't be complete without at least TWO restaurants with the word "vine" in their name, may we present this globally inspired bistro?

Old Vine Café is blasting out lengua (that’s beef tongue) omelets for brunch, a house-made meatball panino for lunch, and prix-fixe dinner menus that'll nail you with char-grilled lamb chops w/ a blueberry demi-glace.

This small-batch donut shop does it right: Its signature huckleberry 'nut is one of So Cal's best, and its ante can be upped with seasonal variations like passionfruit and guava add-ons.Exhibit A: a spicy pork sausage topped with yakisoba noodles, okonomi sauce, aonori, and red ginger.Anyone who has sunk their teeth into one of these Golden Foodie Award-winning burgers will tell you that they’re really THAT good.The food here is always stellar, and highlights include a wagyu and foie gras carpaccio and a truffle-infused English pea toast.The wine pairings are also available from a top sommelier.Steaks are the star of the show, though, including the house specialty: a dry-aged ribeye aged for 50 days (or more).

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