Dating military man long distance

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Dating military man long distance

The APG was one of the first places where bald eagles returned.I came here on a wintry day in the 1970s to record this for .

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But the little turtle, which can live more than a century and thrives with exceptional water quality, has been the focus of two doctoral theses conducted over the last 40 years here at APG, as the proving ground is known.Much of the acreage is also effectively off-limits to human intrusion because of unexploded ordnance or “UXO,” the legacy of 100 years of constant gunfire.Carroll Island lies within a 13,000-acre portion of the APG that became a federal Superfund site in 1990 because it was contaminated with residues from chemical weapons testing and manufacture dating back to the use of mustard gas in the 1920s.All told, APG contains around 73,000 acres of land and water and more than 100 miles of tidal Chesapeake shoreline.The vast bulk of it is undeveloped forest and wetlands, providing buffers around its mission — testing weapons, vehicles and other combat gear used by the Army.It still lights the night, though no longer for navigation.

The island’s 200 acres, part of the grounds and its Superfund site, are mostly given over to sandy beaches and woods, with large numbers of nesting ospreys and great blue herons.

In 1680, the first Baltimore Town, miles north of the present city, became a bustling tobacco port on the Bush River within the proving grounds’ current boundaries.

It is an important archaeological site, but UXO has hindered full examination.

We passed a pile of coyote poop on the way to a pond in an area where rarely seen golden eagles, migrating down from Canadian nesting grounds, have been documented in winter.

Bald eagles were once almost as rare as goldens around the Chesapeake because of the widespread use of the pesticide DDT, which weakens the birds’ egg shells.

When the military acquired the land, it had been mostly cleared, ditched and drained for agriculture, supporting five canneries.

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