Dating of revelation

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Dating of revelation

Consequently, all of the writings we have which comprise our New Testament would have to have been written prior to this date.

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In part, this teaching arises from the belief that all direct workings of the Holy Spirit ceased at the destruction of Jerusalem.

This means the confirmation period must have extended beyond the ending of sacrifice in order to be true.

Inspiration specifically pointed out that the ending of this sacrifice happened in the middle of the confirmation period of the new covenant.

The best evidence we have places Paul’s execution around 66 AD under the reign of Nero.

The city of Rome having been burned and Nero anxious to blame it on the Christians thus detracting the blame from himself had Paul unjustly beheaded. Laodecia, which was destroyed by an earthquake during Nero’s reign is completely rebuilt and is boasting of her spiritual wealth (Revelation ). John wrote of the doctrine of the Nicolaitans in chapters 2 and 3 which was an insipient form of Gnosticism and did not develop until quite some time after 70 AD.

The Revelation was not just written to the churches of Asia, it was for the churches of Asia.

The events of the visions are going to relate directly to them and not just to Christians living in a whole different region of the earth.We must remember to whom the Revelation was addressed and to consider the historical timeframe under which these churches realized the circumstances they were facing at the time.Any dating of the book of Revelation must coincide with the dates of the current situations or circumstances relevant to those seven churches. The Revelation being addressed to the churches of Asia is not only understood to be directed toward them, but about them as well.While such a thing is not entirely impossible, it is highly unlikely.It is exceedingly important in our consideration of this subject that we acknowledge that by 70 AD, the spiritual degradation, apostasy of the Gnostics and the persecution of the church in Asia Minor had not yet developed to the degree evidenced by the text.The Jews were not forcing anyone to worship idols or false gods.

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