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In order to keep in close touch with the situation and "to be helpful, it is important for us to have the facts now a$ to wjaat has been done and can be done in each community where Father Coughlin' s talks are being carried by a local station, A questionnaire is enclosed to bripg tis that, information. — Abram Lazarevich Gilinsky.* People's Commissar of Light Industry.— Vasili Ivanovich Shestakov. People's Commissar of Water Transport.— Nikolai Ivanovich Pakhamov. — Matvei Davidovich Berman.* People's Commissar of Agriculture. People's Commissar of State Grain and Livestock Farms. People's Commissar of Purchases.— Mikhail Vasilyevich Popov. People's Commissar of Foreign Trade.— Yevgeni Denisovich Chvyalev. Will you please fill it out, and add any additional information end suggestions which you feel will be helpful,. Broadway, New York City constituting the GENERAL JEWISH COUNCIL 1939 Table of Contents Foreword - ^ Statement of Cardinal Mundelein. - 8 The False Accusation that Jewish Bankers Financed Communism 11 The Sisson Report .„ 20 The Lansing Telegram 21 United States Hailed March Revolution as Victory for Democracy over Czarism v .. People's Commissar of Finance.— Arseni Grigoryevich Zverev. People's Commissar of Justice.— Nikolai Milhailovich Rychkov. Vice-Chairmen.— Ivan Sergeyevich Khokhlov, Grigori Ivanovich Pet- rovsky, Nikifor Yakovlevich Natalevich, Mir Bashir Fatdakh ogly Kasumov, Phillip Yeevich Makharadze, Matsak Petrosovich Papyan, Khivali Babayev, Yuldash Akhunbabyev, Munavar Shagadayev, Nurbapa Umurzakov, and Murat Salikhov.

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But what is most important is that Father Coughlin deleted the most significant portion of the telegram. 7o3.72110/540 The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Russia (Francts) (Telegram] Washington, April 12distinction of nationality or religion.

The reports we are receiving indicate that interest in his talks is not increase ing, and we feel that such a debate would increase both interest and audience.

If Father Coughlin's talks become directly anti-Semitic again, and if it should seem desirable to have a reply, the reply should be made in each community where a local station is carrying his talks, over that same station ty local speakers.

The autocracy that crowned the summit of her political structure, long as it had stood and terrible as was the reality of its power, was not in fact Russian in origin, character or purpose; and now it has been shaken off and the great, generous Russian people have been added in all their naive majesty and might to the forces that are fighting for freedom in the world, for Justice, and for peace.

Here is a fit partner for a League of Honor." Russia was our ally, and the only way to transmit messages abroad during wartime was through diplomatic channels.

If this continues, it may not be necessary or advisable to do anything fur- ther in this matter at this time.

We feel that it would be inadvisable to h$ve a speaker enter into a debate with Father Coughlin on Sundays over the network he is using. We shall appreoiate your prompt Cooperation ih returning this questionnaire.* {Sincerely yours # George Backer Vice Chairman Program and Policy Committee FATHER COUGHLIN and FATHER COUGH LIN HIS "FACTS" and ARGUMENTS 5 Published by AMERICAN JEWISH COMMITTEE AMERICAN JEWISH CONGRESS 386 Fourth Avenue, New York City 221 W. 26 Jews Played a Negligible Part in the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia 28 Amazing Resemblance Between Father Coughlin's Article and Goebbels' Speech 32 How Jews Have Been Persecuted Under Communism 36 The Insignificant Part Played by Jews in German Communism 39 Father Coughlin a Hero in Germany. 39 Persistent Jewish Opposition to Communism 41 How Jews Have Been Persecuted . People's Commissar of Health.— Mikhail Fyodorovich Boldyrev. 57th Street, New York City B'NAI B RITH JEWISH LABOR COMMITTEE 1003 K, N. in Germany 45 Nazism as a ''Political Defense Mechanism" 49 The Catholic Stand Against Anti-Semitism 52 Conclusion , frp flu Ti on the Mount, be workings of this unrest are to be seen in the events that have accomplished, since the fateful year 1914, a task that looms far larger than the French Revolution— the annihilation of the most firmly entrenched, the most selfish and most reckless auto- cratic system in the world, the Russian Czarism. — Maxim Maximovich Litvinov.* People's Commissar of Home Affairs. Chairman of the Board of the State Bank.— Alexei Petrovich Grichmanov. Second, we issued a pamphlet, "Father Coughlin — His Facts and Arguments", exposing the mis- statements in his talks and the Nazi sources from which he drew his material. To date 135,000 copies of this pamphlet have been distributed. Such a reply should be made under the auspices of a local inter-faith or non-sectarian organization, or of some appropriate local organ- ization which stands for tolerance and democracy.

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