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Special considerations for ASD patients: autism in females Females may present in different ways e.g.

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The study included a group of children born in Sweden 1982 through 2006, with follow-up for autism through December 2009.Eye Contact Sorry, but the bridge of your nose is peeling like Old wallpaper, and the falling flakes Are rather disconcerting. Forgive my bluntness; it’s just one of those Things I notice, when I’m trapped in a chat And have to summon up a civil face.I spend aeons staring at your nose; because, to you, It looks as though we’ve interlocked our gaze. I guess I’m a Lothario, given the swathes Of men and women that I use it on. But when I stare Into the window of your soul, Abyss Stares back at me: A raging, unquenched fire Of hungry skull-burrowing worms.A resource pack to support GPs and their teams to make their surgeries more visibly friendly for patients with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.Contains many of the above resources, and was mailed to each practice in May 2016.The list below contains national and regional organisations that provide practical support and connect people on the autistic spectrum with others facing similar challenges.

National This section contains useful articles for people on the autistic spectrum, on what autism is, and how to make the most of visits to the doctor, plus other background information and resources.

For example, although we are generally taught to use open ended questions, closed questioning can be more appropriate in consultations with an autistic child or adult.

Patient with autism can also have an increased sensitivity to side effects of medications, indeed they may have idiosyncratic reactions to drugs.

Research shows that autistic people die on average 16 years earlier than the general population and this increases if they also have learning disabilities.

This Autism Toolkit aims to be a 'one stop shop', a user-friendly guide to autism for primary care professionals, people affected by autism, clinical commissioning groups, as well as interested members of the general public.

New research shows that autistic people die on average 16 years earlier than the general population and the gap in mortality increases if they also have learning disabilities.

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