David wygant online dating secrets for men

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But what I've seen also explains why so many women are frustrated by online dating sites, and why they only seem to meet men interested in stripping on camera or having a booty call.While looking at all these horrific profiles, I've spotted which kill attraction with the right kind of men, and strike an unwanted chord with the very wrong kind of men.

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Mistake #4 The Travel Journalist: I love reading travel brochures when I'm looking for a potential date.Online dating can be a great way to meet men, but not if you make any of these profile mistakes.This is an urgent public broadcast to all females currently using online dating sites in their search for love.I read profiles from women who wanted a man who was, "Tall, dark, athletic, who was into music, who loved children, who didn't mind busy households, and who MUST like dogs."When you resume date like that, you turn off a massive number of men.You can't expect guys to sit there ticking off a list to see if they meet all your requirements. It makes you sound like you're grocery shopping.Let's look at them now, so you can eliminate them from your profile, and start hearing from emotionally evolved and relationship-ready men.

Mistake #1 Writing An Epic Novel: You know I almost fell asleep reading some of your profiles.

All we want to know is that you're cool, easy-going, attractive to us, and not some obsessive mad woman. Don't try to oversell yourself in your profile. Stop making lists, and stop blaming us for what you're old boyfriends did to you.

Avoid those four dating profile howlers and you'll have more interest than you can handle from the kind of quality men you deserve.

Recently I was coaching a woman on how to write her online profile.

Before we wrote the profile, I asked her to send me her four best pictures. Keep in mind that every man has different taste in women, so what is “hot” to one man will be totally different than what is “hot” to another.

I asked her to do this because men are as visual as Scooby Doo on steroids. So I explained this to my client, and I asked her to send me her four best photos -- pictures that represent who she is in her life.

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