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This set is so versatile that it has to be recommended :3 You could create the cast for a game with just these sprites alone.

Hey, well when i saw that Circle Yosino had put out another title i knew i would have to check it out.

Everything is in Japanese, but it's not really a problem, as it's pretty easy to figure out how to use without any knowledge of the language.

You can change facial expressions, hairstyles, clothing and colours for all of the above.

as i am an avid fan of the distinct visual style they bring to all of their works and the quality that only gets better with each installment.

Although i am not a native speaker or well versed in the language i could still roughly follow the plot line as a result of the interactions between the characters and i appreciate that about the work, because i can tell that its quite interesting, although i lack solid details and names.

The After Story doesn't have a very good summary included on the site, but it's basically involves some food play.

Both tracks are typical vanilla, but with a slightly naughty twist -- and again, if you love slightly overbearing mid-ranged voices, Yotsuya Cider won't disappoint.He has a very pleasant, mid-ranged voice that's very good for bossy, mildly sadistic character types like this CD showcases.You get 6 tracks and, of the 6, two are R18 ( and min long for those who want specifics).You're not going to get the more hardcore stuff like whips or candles, but if you like the idea of consensual sexual slavery, this could be the game for you.The game system is straightforward and there's not a lot of stats to keep track of.In the days between scheduled sex sessions, the player can choose to do part-time jobs to earn money to buy items like sex toys, work out to increase his endurance during sex, or give the girl a phone call to chat or have some phone sex.