Drew fuller dating anyone

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Drew fuller dating anyone

Fuller's most fresh roles are in The Ultimate Gift, a play on the rampage on March 9, 2007, and in the succession Military Wives which airs on Lifetime.

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He has visited various places, in the name of shows he has had many tours.It was heard that he had good relation with her wife.No one know that the heartthrob and the then unidentified woman were dating each other.Many times the celebrity has to deal with speculation over one's sexuality and Drew is no exception as well.Drew has been conjectured to be a gay but can one be considered gay only because he keeps his romantic association private? Likewise, it's hard to know about his marital status as well as he hasn't introduced a lady as his wife.Deciding to wait a few years, Fuller ultimately entered the modeling planet at age sixteen and speedily became an apex model for such companies as Prada, Club Med, and Tommy Hilfiger. Crew, Subway, Toyota and Pepsi contrary Britney Spears.

He took part in the music video cassette for The Calling's Wherever You Will Go, playing the new boyfriend of the betrayed adolescent young woman whose association is the topic of the video.

His modeling career took off by being on the front of a magazine for UCLA.

He also appeared as Chris Halliwell on the WB series Charmed, and Trevor Le Blanc on Lifetime's Army Wives.

Till date Drew has successfully kept his romantic unions under the wraps.

When a celebrity opts to keep his love life private he/she has to deal with the outcome of the privacy as well.

Apart from a celebrity's professional life the another most talked about aspect of their life is their personal life, and it's natural for the fans to have the curiosity regarding their favorite star.