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Kapanu, which is showcased on You Tube, can offer realistic simulations of length, width, shape and shade of teeth.

The subtext clearly states: What we lack on top, we make up for on the chin.This is then matched with scans of known sets of good teeth that have already underwent the procedure in question.A picture of the expected smile post-treatment is then overlapped onto a live video recording, dubbed a 'virtual mirror', of the patient's current grin.Jonny Harris says: "The traditional waves to the payot is attained by wrapping the hair around the finger or ear.The longer a hair is the more likely it is to have a bend in it, so the process of curling and growing the hair out results in these characteristic curls." 5) The do-over For anyone like me who hasn’t browsed hair-related literature for a couple of decades, you might be interested to learn that giant strides have been made in terms of hair science and that these days you might not have to settle for any of the above when you could simply wave a magic wand (NB: magic wands aren't used as far as I'm aware) and reclaim your former hairy glory.I vividly remember the day when as a young, fresh(ish)-faced 17-year-old I took myself off for a trim at the local hairdresser.

She took one look at my scalp appearing through thinning hair like an ominous moonrise and foretold a forlorn future for my follicles.

Jonny Harris says: "Treatments have come a long way in the last 20 years and most men will be able to regrow some, if not all of their lost hair.

Transplants are also an effective course of action for those who haven’t quite achieved the results they would have liked.

But research in June suggested that just thinking you're on a beach can remove any fear you may have of sitting in the dreaded chair.

Patients who were allowed to have a sandy escape through a virtual reality headset reported being less anxious about their treatment.

These before and after shots are from the Pixtr app Perfect 365 - A free version allows users to get a healthy-looking natural glow and try out makeup looks, while a more comprehensive paid-for package lets people to retouch multiple people in one photo.