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Corey: Okja — Chris: Baby Driver — Still haven’t seen Okja, but Baby Driver takes this one. Suburbicon was a complete letdown and is a mismash of 2 films into one. Meanwhile, The Snowman was so bad that the director mocked it and trashed it, saying how it didn’t even finish filming.

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James has been a basketball star dating back to his time in high school when he was named the Gatorade National Boys Basketball Player of the Year and was even nicknamed “The Chosen One” when featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. is a far superior film and is Darren Aronofsky’s masterpiece. Corey: The Shape of Water — Chris: Phantom Thread — Phantom Thread had less time for its rating to decrease, so it takes this round. Corey: Thor – Ragnarok — Chris: Detroit — Haha, Chris tried to go for Oscar bait and I win with my superheroes. Normally, Chris trounces me and has beaten me in at least 4-5 years straight. At the beginning of the year, we each take turns picking 10 movies, with the movies list with the highest average points on imdb and then on rottentomatoes being dubbed the winner. Le Bron James is possibly the most decorated athlete of his generation being named the Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year twice and the Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year twice.

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    - § Ruxin failed to press the "Set Lineup" button before the first game of the week started, so Andre won by default. The Shiva is the name of the trophy given annually to the winner of the fantasy football league.