Epop malay online dating

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Epop malay online dating - online dating for kids 11-13

Daripada kisah aku mula² sambung belajar kat KSKB Sungai Buloh sampai lah hari ni dan kisah tu akan terus berjalan sehinggalah hembusan nafas terakhir aku (ayat tak boleh poyo lagi ker).

Takde lah actually waktu tu aku dok kat form 6 SMKT lepas kuar dari Matrik Selangor. Takpe lah ni post kali terakhir untuk 2013 ye bukan selama²nya ye (inshaallah kalau aku masih hidup). Malas betul nak update even banyak sangat benda nak share dalam blog ni sepanjang tahun 2013 nih.sengall, Terbakar Kampung Nampak Asap, Terbakar Hati Tak Siapa Yang Tahu., Ngeeeee~~, Saya Tolong Komen Kat Sini Sebab Dia Suruh "Write a comment"., Jangan Sampai Kaki Ku Di Bibir Mu, Hey! trimas Like :], Little Cutie Closet, Lovely Fea Bundle N Prelove Online, Asal Kau Nak Terasa Dengan Apa Yang Aku Tulis? Gelak Lagi - Gelak Lahh, Single, ONE TV Asia, Se La Ma T h Ar I La Hi R,m Og A p An Ja Ng Um Ur Da N Mu Ra H Re Ze Ki, Su Ks Es Se La Lu(^_^), Thanks for the add yaa, do keep in touch, Aku Stress Giler, ~aku ingat aku sorang ja kalut hang lagi kalut~, ~saye akn setia dgn awk sehingge hati awk terbuke untuk saye~, Ekk? hahahaha, Te Ri Ma Ka Si H Kwn/kekasih Se Ba B Se Ntia Sa a Da De Nga N Sa Ya., Tak payah tendang pon boleh cakap kan~, As Sud Ohh.As we all know, all the phrase in each poster was the same...which is: 우리는 모두 혼자였다 , 그바다에서 돌아온후 means "After we back from the beach/sea, we are all alone" But then, I decided to us... My post for today was my 2nd Digital Fanart for my bias, Suga based on his #LOVE_YOURSELF poster~ So...i hope that you like it..i know theres mistakes here becuz I'm actually lazy to do it :joy: :joy: But since I'm not into Digital Art world for quite a long time, I decided to why not? **If not just comment down below~** I really wish that i have a lot of penpal especially ARMY....hard to find...do, just some..many ARMY do this activity..... I made Tae's fanart today~Glad i manage to finish this.... :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: ** Here they are~~ That's it! :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :kissing_heart: :star2: Hello ARMies!

~~ :star2: :kissing_heart: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: Today, i want to share song covers by our oppa~~since there's more ARMY join this community, beside our BTS songs, u should listen to their covers too! :persevere: :persevere: :ear: :ear: :headphones: :headphones: :musical_score: :musical_score: :musical_note: :musical_note: :notes: :notes: Jungkook ☞ We Don't Talk Anymore Jungkook ☞ Beautiful Jin ☞ I Lo...

≧ω≦ i also want to say thank you because you followed me and here we are...became friends!

≧∇≦ Yea~u too~ have a nice day, always smile & take care~love you!

Example: :purple_heart: Kmin :purple_heart: or :mag: :purple_heart: Kmin :purple_heart: :mag_right: Two Purple hearts and magnifying glasses representing army bombs. (yea...i know that....everybody knows that....) Hello guys!! Only for this month, (March 2017) i already collected a lot of printing media in my country~(and i didn't​ realise that) I got magazines and newspapers~ So,to my lovely ARMY(ies)~ I would like to share all of my 1 month 1 week collections~ Magazine ☞ EPOP Chinese , & EPOP Malay Newsp...

:sparkles: Send to all your friends :sparkles: Hi I'm jhoe plz vote rap , they are more hard working and beautiful RAP :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: Sorry for bothering I will stop the poll tomorrow morning For those who still didn't know, let me introduce it to you~ :wink: Moodboard is an art that collects pictures in collage form besides it function sending/telling your mood through this board!

Aku ingat nak stay form 6 dan mengejar cita² aku untuk sambung ijazah.