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They have ten planes now, carrying from four to 12 passengers on regular schedules, but most of their business is freight. Ted's got back about $150,000 of his $250 already, and the company's took in about $40,000. "You know," he said suddenly, "It makes me homesick to think of what's back there.

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sent me this photo and email in June 2014: "I came across the email from Mr. I don’t know Ken at all, but was intrigued by his comments about a B-17 in a lake NE of Whitehorse. A B-17 crash landed SW of Whitehorse, on Bennett Lake near Carcross (1940s), but it was later retrieved from shallow waters. This Boeing B-17 was taking part in a search for a RCAF Mitchell that had gone missing the summer of 1952. (Ted) Stull, 52, a well-known figure in Canadian commercial aviation, died here Saturday after a brief illness. Stull, a veteran of more than 30 years in air transport, was "Western Region Operations Manager" for Trans-Canada Air Lines.An average of one plane tying up at the dock every six minutes, 16 hours a day, all summer long. That sure is great country for a man to make a living." provided the details, almost a year later (Dec.2014).Found FBA-2C CF-SON crashed just north of the town of Riverton MB Canada. George added: "the crash was about a half mile east of the Icelandic river, by the sea plane base." wrote the definitive answer to this: "The Found that crashed north of Riverton was trying to land in the Icelandic River (in Riverton) after dark.The 2 others are being restored at sites in Pima, California, and Akron, Ohio.Watson Lake’s B-26 belongs in a Yukon museum, rather than a museum down south."In my career, as a Canadian Flight Service Specialist, I have been involved in SAR operations many times.

This involved co-ordinating with the canadian military Search and Rescue out of Trenton and Victoria.Of the aircraft that came down on the BC-Yukon border, all 3 have found their way into the hands of collectors.One has been restored to flight capability and is housed at the 'Fantasy of Flight museum' in Polk, Florida.) Ken Ettie also wrote me in june 2017, making me aware of this 2009 event: RCMP seize salvaged bomber -by Tristin Hopper, 05Jun2009 Part of the text reproduced here (I have no photos to share): "An Alberta couple’s attempt to salvage a piece of Second World War aviation history has been cut short by Yukon authorities.Early this week, RCMP officials seized the nose of a B-26 Martin Marauder that the couple had salvaged from Watson Lake.He had passed over town heading south, but turned back due to the darkness.

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