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less High school is already a horror story for a lot of students.

At 1101 Elder St., the building used to be Jefferson Davis Hospital, which housed a psychiatric ward, and the Houston City Cemetery.Needless to say, people have reported weird sightings and experiences in the lofts. more This hotel may seem like an average luxury hotel, but there have been reports of a painting of a little girl holding flowers making guests feel as if they are levitated. The Lone Star State is home to residents, both in this life and the hereafter, and it makes for especially spooky road trips in the fall months.less Granbury Opera House, Granbury People have reported seeing a tall man dress in black in this theater, which was founded in 1886 and is still operating. Photo by: Jimmy H./Yelp less Granbury Opera House, Granbury People have reported seeing a tall man dress in black in this theater, which was founded in 1886 and is still operating. There have also been reports of apparitions and other paranormal activities. The Lone Star State is so haunted, it even conjured up the likes of the cast and crew of TLC's "Ghost Adventures" earlier this year.The woman rarely left the home, and people have claimed she still wanders the halls.Photo by: Scott From TXLittlefield House, Austin This property is reportedly haunted by a mistress who lived in the house.The show filmed at a bridge in Denton (pictured above), thought to be haunted by a man who was reportedly killed by the KKK in 1938.

Some people thought the KKK were actually out at the bridge, not realizing it was just a reenactment for the television show. If were weren't able to make it to Galveston during the summer, there's still a good excuse to visit in October: The Ghost Bride.

The unique lights are seen nine miles east of the town.

The sightings have been theorized as everything from aliens to ghosts.

Local authorities allegedly took down the sphere years ago.

less Ghost Tracks: Legend says a bus of schoolchildren was crossing the railroad tracks at Villamain and Shane, when it stalled and was hit by a train in the 1940s, killing everyone on board.

El Paso High School is considered one of the most terrifying high schools in America due to the story of a woman showing up in a graduating class photo.

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