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Additional information concerning the programs of the Office of Foreign Assets Control is available for download from the Office's Internet Home Page at: or via FTP at ofacftp.

This appendix is periodically amended to reflect the names of individuals and entities added to, or removed from, the list.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Electronic and Facsimile Availability This file is available for download without charge in ASCII and Adobe Acrobat readable (*. GPO Access supports HTTP, FTP, and Telnet at

It may also be accessed by modem dialup at 202/512-1387 followed by typing ``/GO/ FAC.'' Paper copies of this document can be obtained by calling the Government Printing Office at 202-512-1530.

This amendment reflects the complete list of persons identified in OFAC's Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons list as of June 1, 2005. 0 For the reasons set forth in the preamble, and under the authority of 3 U.

Changes after that date are not reflected in this document. 553), requiring notice of proposed rulemaking, opportunity for public participation, and delay in effective date, are inapplicable.

References to regulatory parts in chapter V or other authorities: [BALKANS]: Western Balkans Stabilization Regulations, part 588; [BURMA]: Burmese Sanctions Regulations, part 537; [CUBA]: Cuban Assets Control Regulations, part 515; [FTO]: Foreign Terrorist Organizations Sanctions Regulations, part 597; [IRAQ]: Iraqi Sanctions Regulations, part 575; [IRAQ2]: Executive Order 13315, 68 FR 52315, Sept. 30, 2004; [LIBERIA]: Executive Order 13348, 69 FR 44885, Jul.

The notes to the Appendices to 31 CFR chapter V are amended by revising note 6 to read as follows: Appendices to Chapter V * * * * * 6. ``SOLIMAN''); DOB ; nationality Malaysia (individual) [SDGT] ABASTECEDORA NAVAL Y INDUSTRIAL, S. ``GIUSEPPE''), Via Padova 82, Milan, Italy; Via Manzoni, 33, Cinisello Balsamo, Milan, Italy; DOB ; POB Bab El Aoued, Algeria (individual) [SDGT] ABD AL HADI (a.k.a. HADI), Via Garibaldi, 70, San Zenone al Po, Pavia, Italy; Via Manzoni, 33, Cinisello Balsamo, Milan, Italy; DOB ; POB Algiers Algeria (individual) [SDGT] ABD AL HAFIZ, Abd Al Wahab (a.k.a. 1967; POB Kirkuk, Iraq; nationality Iraq; wife of Izzat Ibrahim Al-Duri (individual) [IRAQ2] ABD AL-GHAFUR, Humam Abd al-Khaliq (a.k.a. ANAINSA), Panama [CUBA] ABAUNZA MARTINEZ, Javier; DOB ; POB Guernica, Vizcaya Province, Spain; D. ZAYDAN, Muhammad); Director of PALESTINE LIBERATION FRONT - ABU ABBAS FACTION; DOB (individual) [SDT] ABBAS, Kassim, Lerchesbergring 23A, D-60598, Frankfurt, Germany; DOB ; POB Baghdad, Iraq (individual) [IRAQ2] ABBES, Moustafa, Via Padova, 82, Milan, Italy; DOB ; POB Osniers, Algeria (individual) [SDGT] ABBES, Youcef (a.k.a. ``RABAH DI ROMA''), Via Lungotevere Dante, Rome, Italy; DOB ; POB Algiers, Algeria (individual) [SDGT] ABD AL-GHAFAR, Sundus, Iraq; DOB c. 30, 2004; the notes to the Appendices to 31 CFR chapter V and Appendix A to 31 CFR chapter V are amended as set forth below: 0 1. RIRA) [FTO] [SDGT] 32 COUNTY SOVEREIGNTY MOVEMENT (a.k.a. IRISH REPUBLICAN PRISONERS WELFARE ASSOCIATION; a.k.a. 1-34, Cali, Colombia; NIT 805015749-3 (Colombia) [SDNT] 2000-DODGE S. ``RASHID''); DOB ; POB Zarqa, Jordan; citizen Jordan; National ID No.

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