Frauen vernaschen Erfurt

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Frauen vernaschen Erfurt

I bet he didn´t even know it was the Second Reich flag, but it looked 'offensive' to him. Which part of italy is more redpilled, the north or the south?

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All urls found in this thread: Dh T Ow EPL Z Tp ASz S BG CHe I7e G P7x I Ub Bo1T Ct P Knq28YU8 Ex UZ EY VVQd Tz Go A7UM Ers KKNs Onz JBW0E LBt Gkv LRh I YDz M-Dm2M GM Ybbs-ausgewiesen/236848231 Groups of up to ten people would walk day and night by the municipality of Gries am Brenner northbound, observed Mayor Karl Mühlsteiger of the "open community list".Lasst uns dies auch weiterhin am Leben halten, auf dass der Deutsch/pol/ für 1000 Editionen besteht. I'm Italian, fascists are still about 15% of electorate, it's ok to be a fascist in public and antifa isn't much of a thing here. How it is like to be a Nazi today there, tell me some life experiences, discussions, whatever. One salute in public could cost you your job if someone calls the police and your local media catch wind of it.I met a lot of people from Poland, Hungary and Bosnia who came here in vacation and they were all Nazis/Fasci, but Germans I meet are afraid to speak about it (even though you can do the salute and all without anyone being bothered here). Lazio played in my city and their fans brought a Palestine and a Second Reich flag, but they were taken down immediately by some security ZOGbot.The Muslim community leader said the Af D broke off the discussion.The German chancellor is likely to press her Turkish counterpart on the EU migrant deal as world leaders discuss aid issues.Luckes Partei sei die Verwendung der Bezeichnung Alfa untersagt worden, sonst drohe ein Ordnungsgeld von 250.000 Euro, sagte Gerichtssprecher Andreas Dumberger am Dienstag.

A massive, migrant crime wave is surging across Germany according to figures buried in a new report released by the country’s Interior Ministry.

All der Schmerz stählt unsere Memes und all die schrecklichen Gewissheiten schärfen unsere Beiträge.

All dies bleibt unserem Feind erspart und dies wird ihm am Ende den Sieg kosten.

"Doctors Without Borders" (MSF) has pulled out of the conference, saying it will be inadequate. v=q Llsh Osezc I A7H https://

After the police action against perpetrators of violence left at a demonstration in Goettingen SPD and Young Socialists have criticized the actions of officials. Just because ten antifascists run on the station square, the police must not respond with tear gas. Af D/photos/a.1424703574437591.1073741828.1424631334444815/1707142429527036/? v=7w U2m064ia Q Q M2r

I also recall reading an article in which a calabrian town attempted an ethnic cleansing campaign before niggers were bussed out of it. Fascists are actually cool with their corporatism and stuff.

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