Free cam swap

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Free cam swap

For this test, we decided to take a look at the cam timing, as a change in compression meant head and/or piston removal, either of which was considerably more involved than a simple cam swap.

In South Korea, the merger ratio is defined by a certain formula according to the law, if both companies are listed on the KRX.

The company allowed the employees to swap their worthless shares for more that had a higher value.

will immediately recognize this 454 (aka BBC Big Hero VI) as the very same engine we plucked from a wrecking yard and plopped on the dyno.

The acquiring company may also need to add a little extra incentive in the form of shares to make sure that the board of directors of the acquired company approve the takeover.

After all the valuation is complete, the parties will agree upon a swap ratio.

Each shareholder of the acquired company will receive a pre-determined number of shares from the acquiring company.

Before the swap occurs each party must accurately value their company so that a fair swap ratio can be calculated. Not only does fair market value have to be determined, but the investment and intrinsic value needs to be determined as well.

In Part 1, we stripped the Gen VI 454 of its factory injection and installed a Holley carburetor, Edelbrock intake, and MSD distributor.

Despite unknown mileage and internal condition, we ventured forward and subjected the engine to the rigors of the dyno.

The ratio will determine the number of shares each person will receive from the company that is taking over.

When this swap is realised, the shareholders receive the new stock and own a share in the new company.

Despite the low static compression, care must be taken when replacing the cam on a stock L29 454.

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