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more Return to church work beckons Peter Hollingworth will be pinning his hopes on the Christian spirit of forgiveness as he makes the transition from vice-regal office back to the church.more Lessons for the learning from an unhappy affair The resignation of the Governor-General yesterday is not a constitutional or political crisis.

more Governor-General quits The Governor-General, Peter Hollingworth, has resigned, blaming "misplaced and unwarranted allegations" for forcing him from office.more Bishop must face abuse claimant A bishop who is a central figure in the controversy surrounding the outgoing governor-general, Peter Hollingworth, will be forced to face his accuser following legal advice to the Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane, Phillip Aspinall.more Howard his own victim John Howard is very good at assuming the role of victim.more Church relieved it's all over Anglican church leaders last night greeted the Governor-General's decision to step down with a sense of relief that a damaging chapter had closed.more The Queen's reaction: it's a matter for Australia Buckingham Palace has distanced itself from the vice-regal crisis, saying it is a matter for Australia.more One woman at least on G-G shortlist John Howard is working on a shortlist of candidates for governor-general that includes at least one woman, Government sources said last night.

more A check on PM's power The next governor-general should be nominated by the Prime Minister and elected by Parliament, the former governor-general and constitutional lawyer Sir Zelman Cowen said yesterday.

more Political football kicked into touch In the silence of a church pew, Peter Hollingworth decided that enough was enough, Mark Riley writes.

more Office must be made accountable The governor-general's role is preserving the mystique of monarchy.

more People power to save the office of G-G Fifty prominent Australians were asked how the Governor-General should be selected and what qualities are required.

God may save the Queen, and these answers may save the office of the Governor-General.

more The 00-a-day man behind the man in front of the camera Taxpayers footed a bill of nearly 00 a day for a private spin doctor to advise Peter Hollingworth on how to handle the scandal which has driven him from office.

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