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However, it is more common for boys, affecting them four-and-a-half times as much as girls.

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Additionally, speaking about their interests or hobbies can engage them and make their connection to you easier.

According to the CDC one in every 68 children in the US has autism.

Autism occurs among all racial and socioeconomic groups.

Children with the disability fall on a spectrum: some can carry out extensive conversations while others have a harder time putting words together.

Since some autistic children experience difficulties communicating, people approaching these individuals should take some simple steps to put them at ease when conversing with them, according to the National Autistic Society.

The association also recommends not posing too many questions to autistic individuals, as the information overload can be hard on them.

And they advise against using figurative language, since children with autism sometimes take things too literally.

These treatments can include therapy and medications to lessen their anxiety, among other things.

The 10-minute video features the father-son duo, from Illinois, discussing their plans for the day and practicing math and spelling drills.

“He was confident in an intimate setting, particularly when chatting one-to-one, but when he was in a loud and busy place, such as a restaurant, he’d retreat — almost closing down.” However, she insists that his most admirable traits are as a result of his disorder rather than in spite of it.

Bushwell-Walsh praises her husband’s ability to open up her children’s eyes in ways that she cannot due to lack of patience.

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