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I've just about had it with the way the Tok'ra do business. Every mission detail you've got right now, or we go nowhere! Jackson, and there might be some complicated mathematical calculations to be done, Sam would be a big help, too. I threw up the red flag and everyone, including you, shut me down. O'Neill: You're not happy with the way things turned out, I'm sorry to hear that... No more saving the world, just a nice pond with no pesky fish in it. I think what he means is the wick is the centre of the candle, and ostensibly a great leader, like yourself, is essential to the... Basically, what it means is that it's always better to have a big, long wick. Shifu: Oma teaches the true nature of man is decided in the battle between the conscious mind and the desires of the subconscious, Oma teaches the evil of my subconscious is too strong to resist. Daniel: From what I've been able to translate so far with Loren's help, the Goa'uld used to use this place as some sort of, opium den. Carter: [in reference to a door she is trying to unlock] Sir, I really hate to sound negative, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that without a little more insight into how these things actually work, I’ve got pretty much zero chance of hitting... [walks away] [this is an obvious reference to the way Zat guns originally worked]Bocher: I'm Christian Bocher. I don't know why we wait to tell people how we really feel. Teal'c: If you are to die, Daniel Jackson, I wish you to know that I believe that the fight against the Goa'uld will have lost one of its greatest warriors. And to be honest with you, right now, I don't really care. Anubis: This device will be implanted into your brain. All we've gotta do is bust out of here, take out every Jaffa between here and the pel'tak, commandeer the ship and fly on home. Find the best hand selected sex dating sites listed and sorted by quality!There isn’t many dating sites that end up been listed here for many reasons!Our deals consist of XXX Premium porn movies, free Live cams tokens, Anime, Hentai, & Manga deals, Sex Dating discounts, gay porn vouchers, and a whole lot more, across tons of the best porn sites the world wide web has to offer! CONTENT DISCLAIMER: ( Absolutely everything discussed here or on any of my other means of communication is FANTASY ONLY and has ABSOLUTELY NO bearing on real-life actions or intentions. O'Neill: [to the alternate Carter] Well exactly, you don't know any of us. Actually, the Goa'uld want to see you dead as much as anyone for figuring out the stargate. Jackson: It was a procedure often done in the Middle Ages.

The price on your head is much more than a day's ration.

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We just don't get out of Cheyenne Mountain nearly enough. Ma'chello: [in Daniel's body, speaking to people who ignore him] Hello, friend. I would like to learn about your culture and customs. For 50 years, I fought against the Goa'uld, then I was betrayed by my wife, whom they secretly turned into a host."Daniel (in Ma'chello's body): "The Goa'uld use people as hosts because they think they're better than them. I haven't seen any tools or signs of a functional civilization. nose drips.(Joke explanation: The helmet of the Serpent guard looks like a snake, the Horus guard looks like an eagle with a golden beak, the Setesh guard helmet looks kind of like the head of an aardvark with elongated jackal ears, clearly fictitious, but overall not dog-like.)Special agent J.

After the fifth season, it moved to US Sci Fi Channel, where it was cancelled after its 10th season. yurt that smells like rancid yak butter, none taken. In fact, I advised him not to say anything to her in spite of the fact that she used to run the entire program and is responsible for most of our current knowledge about the Gate. [They look around] Ah, a little paint, a coupla windows, maybe a fireplace in the corner, it'll be just like home. Gamekeeper: [sternly, to the residents] Do not pull that!! [turns to glare at O'Neill and Jackson] I told you they will ruin everything! Gairwyn: I was to give you a message to satisfy your curiosity. They need the sound to live but we altered it by harming the organism that makes the sound? Actually, six is "Mom Says She's Leaving in a Couple of Days." Five is "Mom Leaving Immediately." Four, of course, is "Mom Already Left." Three—now, three is huge, one of the biggest ones on the list—Teal'c: I shall attempt to translate one, O'Neill.

The series has finished following the 10th season with two direct to DVD movies - Stargate: The Ark of Truth and Stargate: Continuum. Carter: I'm an Air Force officer just like you are, Colonel. I'll just get a good night's sleep, and hope for better luck next time. Jack O'Neill: Probably not, but my butt's freezing to the ground. Bra'tac: (Contemplating how to destroy the shield generator) The shield generators are far below. We must climb down several decks, through the length of the ship. A serpent guard, a Horus guard, and a Setesh guard meet on a neutral planet.

But we also saved your little grey butts from the replicators, and now we want your help. We won't tell.[Ironic because it doesn't say Colonel on his uniform. You see this buddy of mine, this pal, this chum has ascended to a whole new level of existence. He’s asking for my help and he’s this great and powerful being.[Jonas and Jackson are searching the computer on a Goa'uld mothership, trying to find the location of the exhaust shaft O'Neill and Carter must hit to destroy the mothership and Jaffa are about to catch them]O'Neill Clone: You want proof? He is a significant step forward on your evolutionary path. Carter: So they fly halfway across the galaxy, in a highly advanced spaceship, but they don't use their technology to take over the planet.