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Gay dating in lafayette louisiana

If you look across the street you will see the French Quarter Police Station also designed in 1821 by Latrobe.1830 found Antoine Peychoud running a Creole Apothecary or Pharmacy.He moved to New Orleans in 1795 and is believed to have created the first cocktail out of Bourbon and his unique bitters.

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Filled with artifacts, paintings, and sacred objects, the Museum explores the legends, myths, and history of New Orleans Voodoo.

Signature drinks on this street are Hand Grenades and Hurricanes. Be careful in the restrooms, as they are said to be haunted.

Watch out for flying beads as you walk three blocks to Jean Lafitte’s Blacksmiths Shop. The Structure is one of the oldest buildings in New Orleans, but the date the structure was erected is unknown. The structure was said to be run by Jean Lafitte the Pirate and housed the New Orleans black market while he owned the shop. Also, be sure to check out our French Quarter Ghost Tour if being scared is your thing.

Enter the museum and learn about the complexities of the religion, or better yet take our Voodoo Tour of New Orleans This beautiful Creole Townhouse, located off of Royal Street, was once the home of James Gallier, Jr and his family.

During the mid-19th Century, Gallier was one of the most popular architects in New Orleans, designing houses for many prominent businessmen and families throughout the city. The author , wrote the novel Dinner at Antoine’s while residing in the residence.

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His works include portions of the United States Capitol Building, the White House, the Baltimore Basilica, as well as ways to combat Yellow Fever.

It is ironic, that he died ultimately of Yellow Fever.

This map and guide serve as a great companion to our guided tour of the French Quarter as well as our ghost, food and cocktail tours.

Built in 1822 as the Louisiana State Bank, it is named after its architect, Benjamin Henry, who is often noted as the “Father of American Architecture”.

This house also is said to have “inspired Louis and Lestat’s New Orleans residence in Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice.” Open to tours on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (and by appointment on Wednesdays). The Old US Mint, built in 1835, is the only building to have produced both the United States and Confederate currency.