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The Twitter API allows you to pull a subset of all tweets so, although the absolute number of tweets will not account for all of them, you'll be able to see the overall trend.

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You can extract many of the main ideas surrounding #Me Too from these word clouds.

Given half a million tweets, it is impossible to give a summary of what they all contain.

One method to give a sense of the most used words is a word cloud. The most apparent difference to me is the change in names of alleged perpetrators: in the second word cloud, 'weinstein' is smaller and thus less represented in the tweets, 'billoreilly' is no longer present and new names, such as 'louisck' (who has admitted that 'These stories are true') and 'roymoore' have now appeared.

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and that 'The European Parliament convened a session directly in response to the Me Too campaign, after it gave rise to allegations of abuse in Parliament and in the European Union's offices in Brussels.' #Me Too is a movement that has gained a critical momentum over the past month.

In this post, I'll look into how it has spread on twitter.

There were 100 tweets that were retweeted more than 1,000 times each at the time of analysis (there may be more now, as retweets keep happening).

They account for ~62,000 (13 percent) of the total tweets captured.

Above there are two word clouds: the first is generated from tweets tweeted between October 24th and November 7th; the second is from November 10th and November 11th. Related terms such as 'republican' have also appeared (Roy Moore is a Republican). Others, which include twitter usernames such as 'aliceglass', are not so clear yet.

In this post, I'll delve into these tweets and we'll see along the why such words appear in the word clouds.

For this analysis, I used the Twitter API to pull tweets containing #Me Too from October 24th until November 7th.