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Three months earlier, she temporarily quit social media after getting cyber bullied for paparazzi photos that showed her butt in a bikini.In June 2015, insiders told Us that Azalea "was difficult" while filming Britney Spears' "Pretty Girls" music video.

The athlete proposed in front of all their friends during a carnival-themed party and presented her with an 8.15-carat Fancy Intense yellow center stone.She added: "[I'm going to have] four bridesmaids. Demi Lovato's going to be one of my bridesmaids." Nuptials Are Stalled, March 18, 2016What's going on?Azalea revealed that she and Young were postponing their wedding.Despite the sudden uproar surrounding Young’s alleged infidelity, however, the “Team” rapper decided to stay with her fiancé, reassuring fans that they were “good.” in March."When people come out and say things, and have their entire [press plan] where they do 700 interviews about the one time you catcalled me out of a car, supposedly. “Unfortunately although I love Nick and have tried and tried to rebuild my trust in him — it’s become apparent in the last few weeks I am unable to,” she wrote in a post to the social media network. It’s never easy to part ways with the person you planned your entire future with, but futures can be rewritten and as of today mine is a blank page.” https:// Xh VLq Js/ Azalea later took to Twitter to thank Russell for asking her beau about his romantic conquests.

Iggy Azalea announced via Instagram on Sunday, June 19, that she is pulling the plug on her relationship with fiancé Nick Young after he allegedly tested her trust once more.

To me, that takes a bit of the potential authenticity of the story away. This is not the kind of thing he would do." in a radio interview on Friday, March 18.

“It was going to happen at the end of the year, but now I have to go to work, so we’ll probably have to wait until the end of the next basketball season to do that.

Iggy Azalea's boyfriend Nick Young celebrated his birthday by proposing.

The Los Angeles Lakers player asked Azalea to marry him during his 30th birthday party in California on Monday night.

Iggy Azalea and Nick Young announced on Sunday, June 19, that they split and have called off their engagement.

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