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The facets can be specified on the query string and created on the fly to return the right number of values.Here are some examples of how to create faceted results from just the query string.

Cowles used family money to found the Cowles Foundation and was responsible for collecting comprehensive US stock data from 1871 to 1930.Customers often pose the question around what types of facets are available for display within Search Blox and what UI is best suited to offer the best facet selection for the end users.Search Blox, out-of-the-box provides keywords, date, content type and content size facets for display but provides the framework to create a facet without any coding.You can edit our html plugin within Search Blox to add or remove facets or even set a different display name for a facet field.You can create term, date or number range faceting on the fly without touching a schema file or any backend.In the early 2000, most organizations wanted a simple search button or search function that gave them 10 links on a search results page to find documents and web pages faster.

As the volume of data grew, search engine researchers saw that the frustration level of users grew with the relevance of the search results presented based on a few keywords.Google search has had success with the filters it has used for news search especially with faceting on topics (business, technology, science, politics etc.) and time sensitive information.While implementation of simple search involved crawling the content and creating a simple search page, faceted search requires us to be a little more thoughtful in selection of facets for the user.In order to make the two indexes overlay, we picked one data point, March 1957, the month when the S&P 500 was launched, to adjust both series to the same value, 100% (the March 1957 data point divided by the same data point expressed as a percent).We then chained both series to their respective March data point by making it a constant divisor. As the chart above illustrates, the pre-1957 Composite mirrored the Dow very closely as far back as 1916, the year the Dow was expanded from 12 to 20 stocks (a two-thirds increase in the number of components).As we might expect, the earlier Dow 12 exhibited significantly more volatility than the much broader Composite.

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