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Not long after, Eddie and a number of other police officers arrived at the crime scene that Barry and Iris had been associated with.

He discussed with Joe how the robbery had a freak storm proceeding it, a seemingly frequent occurrence, similar to the "wide world of weird" cased that Barry loved investigating.Though Barry appeared to treat it as a joke, Joe's interest was peaked and so sent Eddie off to canvas the area again.Sometime later, Eddie came to visit Iris, under the impression that Joe had gone out.However, The Flash intervened, zapping them away with static electricity, leaving Eddie to think that he'd done all of the work.When animal control arrived, the man commended Thawne for being able to do what he did, and Eddie mocked Barry for allegedly hiding and seemingly soiling himself.He downloaded surveillance footage, of which only showed one perpetrator.

However, Barry found evidence leading to the idea that it was in fact six people.At some point, Eddie conceived progeny with an unknown woman, though his role in the progeny's upbringing is unclear. Sometime later, after Detective Fred Chyre was killed, Eddie became Joe West's new partner and begun dating Iris in secret.He lived an apparently uneventful life in law enforcement. Some 9 months later, Eddie greeted Barry Allen, happy to see him back at work after waking up from his coma, before he and Joe left to investigate a robbery at Gold City Bank.He suggested the idea that they were gassed to death, though witnesses had allegedly seen no one outside at the time, therefore concluding that it had happened from the inside.Joe went on to determine that there had to be a canister of sorts somewhere, though Barry was sure that the gas could've had a mind of its own.Iris met him at the crime scene, having been promised fro-yo.