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Although she is 28, she has the body of a twenty year old, through regular workouts and a strict diet.Her figure is 35-25-38, and her ample breasts and wide baby making hips attracted a wide range of suitors.

Given this situation in our marriage, with it being stagnant in terms of sex and sometimes even celibate, I began worrying about the effect it might have on Danielle.The last couple of years, however, saw a rapid slump in our sex life.We would hardly even make out or cuddle together anymore, and would only have sex once a week or so.She chose me, however, because she considered me nice and sweet, and someone who could be a good father for our boys. I am not really hung, my dick only standing at five inches when hard.As such, sex with me probably hasnt being very satisfying for Danielle.Danielle was often in awe of Jasmine and the way she had made her way up the corporate ladder, and brought her to the home often.

Although I was pleased that Danielle had this new friend in her life to provide a welcome source of entertainment, I must admit that the woman intimidated me.During the five years of our marriage, I have rarely seen her ever wear anything above knee-length, even to work.Her tops are also quite modest and rarely, if ever, show any hint of cleavage. I bet youre gonna love it, after all its what you could never give her She then grabbed my hair and started dragging me to the bedroom, my wife following meekly.As I was climbing down the stairs, I heard a car pull up.Without turning on the lights, I rushed to the window to see who it was.Jasmine was a five foot ten black amazon, with muscular arms and a broad chest beneath a carved but beautiful face framed by hair that ran down to her shoulders.