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Six past presidents of the Board of Deputies sat on the Bimah (the raised platform at the rear of the left hand photo) for a lively question and answer session of interaction with the audience - great fun!Although small numbers of Ashkenazi Jews were already present in London (See the history of The Great Synagogue, Dukes Place - established at the end of the C17th) the huge influx of East European Ashkenazi immigrants arrived much later in the C19th and early C20th.

The photos to the left and right were taken at an event at Bevis Marks on 23rd July 2006 to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the readmission of Jews to England.

If you have a particular interest you wish to explore please let me know.

On the right is a photo of a recent walking tour visiting a forgotten rural corner of Mile End. For more information and photos please click All my walking tourers are entitled to a 10% discount off a meal at London's premier Kosher restaurant: Restaurant 1701 located in the secluded courtyard of historic Bevis Marks Synagogue, Bevis Marks, London EC3A 7LH. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother on 28th June 1956" - which is itself a Greek word meaning 'meeting place'.

Bevis Marks is believed to be the UK's oldest synagogue and it opened in 1701.

Sephardi refers to Jews of Spanish/Portuguese origin. The earliest Jewish settlers in the UK were Sephardi.

Between 1881 - 1914 approximately 3,000,000 Jews left Russia.

Most went to the United States, but some 100,000 came to the UK.

She told me about her father taking her to Broxbourne in Hertfordshire for the Victoria Club's weekend camps and the camp songs they would sing.

These songs were written by an 18 year old club member named Lionel Begleiter. He changed his name to Lionel Bart and went on to write musical hits like 'Oliver'. With increasing prosperity many Jews moved out to the leafier suburbs, and today only some 3000 - mostly elderly - Jews remain in the East End.

Ask me for your discount on entrance to Jewish Care's premises in Beaumont Grove, Stepney states: The Stepney Jewish (B'Nai Brith) Club & Settlement. As the names indicate, these immigrant founded East End synagogues were more than just places of worship.

They were social centres, study centres (shuls), places where people who had emigrated from the same towns in Russia (landsman) could find reassurance together, and so on.

The Ashkenazi immigrants were often illiterate, poor and regarded as an embarrassment by co-religionists already settled here.

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