Jihyun donghae dating sites

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Jihyun donghae dating sites

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I love you Well, okay, it doesn’t mean anything but something keep running in my mind. What did Donghae do until Jihyun mentioned his name??? Then, Donghae confirmed to be actor in The Youth movie with another artists, and there was Jihyun too. And many things from something that I think makes sense till something that makes no sense at all.

There was nothing happened again, back to normal again. Donghae uploaded three post atm (two instavid and one photo) and Ryeo Woon’s clothe was white meanwhile The Girl behind Donghae’s clothe was black. So, this is also not like something, many artists that came and there was nothing wrong with it if it’s really Jihyun. Anything else that I found are Jihyun has same (weird) hat with Donghae’s. So stupid I think -,- Adidas gives birthday cake not only to them.

Super Show 6 was starting in Seoul from 19-21 September. But something unexpected happened, on 100th Super Show concert 21th September 2014, Sandara came to watch. I didn’t realize at fist but people make a fuss that Donghae mentioned Dara’s name on stage. Though I don’t have any proof but if you know her you can tell it’s her. After all, fanacc said Donghae went back with member after concert. One more thing, I found out that Jihyun has bracelet that looks like Donghae’s. [EDITED] This is Hyukjae’s This is Dara’s I just found out something. It’s just because they posted photo with the cake it doesn’t mean anything.

And I think this time his ideal type is a bit changed. here: Donghae kept asking Jihyun, can she wait if her boyfriend is going to military? It’s not like Donghae indirectly asking about him to Jihyun but I feel like it so what? People said, they did it on purpose because they don’t want public suspect anything but….. The time Donghae went to Hongkong to promote (or whatever I forget) The Youth movie, Donghae did many interviews.

Wook and Heechul reaction towards Donghae was bit suspicious for me. lol Christmas was coming and something happened again. There weren’t someone know if Donghae spent his Christmas with halbae (his grandpa in Miss Panda and Hedgehog drama) and there was Jihyun too! The only thing I know is I should stop thinking and let it be. One of them, Donghae was asked about his ideal type again.

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Every message you sent to a lady delivered directly or through local agency, where it is translated, if nesessary.I love you all and thank you~♥ let’s stick together ^__^ If I happen to have left things out, to everyone who has always been by my side, thank you. And then, Donghae recently likes Mickey/Minnie Mouse stuff.Last but not least, to the reason that 4minute exists, to 4nias. I read Jihyun likes Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse, also Dara ever wore Mickey Mouse stuff. This is make no sense), Donghae liked Dara’s ig post, Donghae dan Dara same ripped jeans (and this is too, I don’t really agree.With So, are you ready to meet like-minded mature single people near you?Then join free at Singleandmature.com, and realise that it's never too late for you to find that special someone who can fill your life with love and happiness once again. Finding time You're an expat here but you're certainly not alone.Nah, I just let it be like before and back to normal. Donghae had premiere film of The Youth and also Jihyun. When I was young there were this characteristic; long hair, big eyes, pretty, kind, height must be around 165-167.” (fyi, Jihyun’s height is 167. I don’t know why his ideal type is changed again recently…that beautiful hand and long fingers…. You know what, now I think maybe Donghae really has “something” with Dara, judging from what I found. Let Donghae say it out loud to us when he thinks the time is right. I’m sure Donghae knows the most what is the best for him. So, hope you will comment about what you have on your mind and share with me kkkk I’ll be happy ^^ I need open minded people here..