Jostejoo sex

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Jostejoo sex

The eye is also centered around the golden section to bring more attention to its significance.

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The mesh plastic bag that is covering some parts of the work is a representation of my inability to hide my feelings.The second perception I named the search for the meaning. It, also, goes back to some of my former works about veiling women, about censoring and oppressing people.The whole form is a fluent structure that shows a movement going up and down in some regions or going back and forth, which represents an ongoing searching creature. The quality of wax-covered papers give that mysterious feeling of opacity and transparency; waxed papers transfer light better but still are not translucent and cover the space behind them.This work consists of variety of materials that are incorporated next together.I tried to be genuine and innovative in choosing of my materials.There is an obvious sense of contrast in softness and hardness of the materials, as well as transparency and opacity contrast all over the work.

The use of stretchy mesh bags helped me to unify the work.This is a representation of all those insignificant issues that sometimes engaging our mind.They seems intriguing but not actually very important.As a citizen of the world, I am doing my best to do my part.The element of the eye in this work, is mostly placed in the most contrasting area of the composition and is the most detailed.The words are both the presence and the trace of nothingness expressed through language.

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